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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

Аноны я прошу вас всех о помощи. Будь это возможно Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 02:59:23 79982 Ответ
m1000x1000.jpeg 110Кб, 720x1000
Аноны я прошу вас всех о помощи. Будь это возможно я бы так не поступал. Но время диктует свои ужасные условия жизни и я попал в эту яму голода и нищеты. Прошу у вас помощи на приобретение продуктов, т.к не осталось никаких, да и с работой тяжко пока, её нет просто выживаю как могу, в надежде на лучшее.

)5536):(9139):(3913):(3076)()Карта тинькоф)

Помогите прошу мне очень нужно безысходная ситуация.
TIPS FOR LEARNING RUSSIAN. Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 19:52:56 73098 Ответ
catfish man bus[...].jpg 407Кб, 1024x1024
Hello guys, I'm learning Russian , do you guys have any tips? My father is from soviet union my mother dutch. I want to learn the language what's the best way dubbed movies, anime, reading, gaming? thanks
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Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 21:59:39 73333
>>73098 (OP)
The tip is don't ask any tips here. Go somewhere to language exchange websites, they'll give you the general prospects.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 23:26:24 73335
pDBCTZG.gif 3033Кб, 360x263
Watch russian films with dutch (or english) subtitles.
I think you can watch the movies you know by heart dubbed into russians with russian subtitles, only don't you trust those subtitles, they are always false. Translate the places you're not sure of
I hope it helps.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 12:40:06 73342
aah okay I understand spasiba tovarish! Also very nice helpful gif!
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 12:40:26 73611
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 01:50:29 79981
>>73098 (OP)
if u r still around here u can dm me
im having fun learning some dutch so maybe we could do some language exchange?
Are you ready to die? War will start soon. We will crush your bich ass. Anonymous  13/04/21 Втр 19:30:35 79980 Ответ
15746803990561.png 298Кб, 500x375
Americans and NATO sosat'!
Anon, are you right or left? Let's see who is more on /int. Voting: Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 00:21:10 79886 Ответ
image.png 12558Кб, 2659x1773
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Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 00:22:51 79890
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 01:54:05 79892
>>79886 (OP)
Please elaborate for those politically apathetic like me. Picked Left Authoritarian: I want my guaranties and healthy control over companies from my government ('cause Libertarian means freedom to censor, exploit situations like the pandemic, spread hatred, be monopolist, sell addictive destructive drugs, and Right is basically man-hating homophobic nationalists dreaming of ein folk ein reich, from what I got).
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:37:15 79925
49-2.jpg 11Кб, 264x187
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 00:23:05 79942
Ты дебильный охранитель
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 00:27:00 79943
How to build a nation Anonymous  13/04/21 Втр 04:50:15 79970 Ответ
ezgif-7-687cc03[...].jpg 650Кб, 2656x2784

1. Public screen
The countries in the eastern europe today match theaters that were acting in the 19 century. A theater was like a public screen, where people were looking at themselves and developing self-identification. The ethnicities who did not have a theater, say koshubeans, have no nation state now. In modern times cinema, pop scene and videogames can be used as a screen. So, if you want to create a new nation, shot a fiction movie about the people leaving in your region. Once the local identity established, you can move to the next step.

2. Tragedy
The main function of the state is security. In order to justify the existence of your new state, you need to remind your people how your neighbors acted against them. Those could be some wars from ancient time or a tragic event from recent past, i.e. Holodomor.

3. Rationality
Intellectuals tend to calculate. Prepare the arguments for them, that you can benefit from leaving tax funds in your region or from international trade with another existing country or from ruling yourselves and accepting an economic policy more suitable for your region.

Today the idea sounds funny and unrealistic. It seems so far away that you even feel lazy to imagine. But the course of history is going to present this opportunity. You would be better get prepared before it becomes obvious.
Anonymous  13/04/21 Втр 09:10:34 79975
This map was drawn by Ukrainian.
KILL ALL UKRANIAN SCUM Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 17:31:22 79733 Ответ
WarFlagofNovoru[...].png 13Кб, 1200x800
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Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 18:07:38 79857
How do you explain to a Turk that one can occupy something that does not exist?
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 18:17:27 79858
a8dc1b55d7d9k46[...].jpg 60Кб, 300x240
B4JUhli0400x400.jpg 21Кб, 335x335
>How do you explain to a Turk that one can occupy something that does not exist?
I am not a Jew to answer such questions.
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 02:34:47 79868
It is the same as with China and Formoza.
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 02:37:25 79869
Crimean peninsula exists and have been occupied by Russian Federation.
Anonymous  13/04/21 Втр 05:36:33 79972
.webm #4 Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 21:35:50 67218 Ответ
15917675002370.mp4 860Кб, 640x360, 00:00:10
15861266464152.mp4 1124Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:14
15782393287640.webm 580Кб, 470x360, 00:00:09
15921029927993.mp4 469Кб, 720x720, 00:00:09
Traditional webm thread
mp4's are also welcome
just video links are fine too

the previous one was there: >>33300 (OP)
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Anonymous  28/03/21 Вск 15:56:22 79569
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 21:06:40 79932
10554467338772.[...].mp4 21332Кб, 1280x536, 00:01:38
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 21:15:05 79934
16153164564721.webm 4946Кб, 720x404, 00:00:53
16149599449220.mp4 9268Кб, 654x480, 00:01:36
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 21:25:09 79937
16141152436952.mp4 2566Кб, 320x480, 00:00:19
16066934007771.mp4 415Кб, 320x480, 00:00:12
16127043612040.webm 4006Кб, 960x540, 00:00:47
16122116960150 [...].webm 6091Кб, 320x240, 00:01:31
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 14:21:14 79962
Youjo Senki AMV[...].mp4 38492Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:24
/v4/+Croatia Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 21:04:20 79882 Ответ
1618077716433.jpg 22Кб, 400x400
Here we discuss Hungary, Poland,Croatia, Czechia and Slovakia related topics.
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Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 08:49:16 79952
Visegrad 4 aka Visegrad Group
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 12:08:29 79956
Those were under german yoke almost half a millennia.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 19:58:49 79963
Du45VjnW4AANIcm.jpg 103Кб, 960x795
05.jpg 104Кб, 474x356
> Udmurts tend to be dark haired,
They say the udmurt has the highest number of red hair. Eesti also top in their region.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 21:30:56 79967
изображение.png 61Кб, 1154x558
изображение.png 188Кб, 1165x641
You're not related to those Russians, boy.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 21:36:52 79968
изображение.png 426Кб, 800x500
But you are related to other Russians)
Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media? Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:29:54 71984 Ответ
grafik.png 1022Кб, 1000x562
Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media?
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Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 21:57:20 79754
german diversity.jpg 63Кб, 1063x644
germans love wars, violence and chaos. of course they promote mass immigration to europe, so that arabs and niggers outbreed the native europians in order for germans to claim those lands.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:12:47 79948
>>71984 (OP)
>>71984 (OP)
This is only 50% true. Get used to the fact that the world is neither black nor white. It is gray.
For example: I am Ukrainian (khokol) 50% and Russian (pidorahen) ... [he counts in his mind] [he bends his fingers] [cosine alpha ... two in the mind] ummm ... 50% ! Exactly. Russian by 50%.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:15:42 79949
Im khokhlo-pidorashka 100%

Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 20:03:03 79964
It's okay to be slav. You are just in a non slavic country.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 20:33:04 79965
You ask question wrong. The right question is do russian hate cockholes and Oinkraine?
Are Russian men allowed to discipline their wives? Anonymous  21/03/21 Вск 15:05:57 79241 Ответ
based.png 110Кб, 299x385
Are Russian men allowed to discipline their wives?
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Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:48:13 79951
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 11:55:46 79955
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 12:11:33 79957
Hit the woman with a hammer - the woman will be gold.

The more you beat a woman, the tastier the cabbage soup.

Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 12:43:57 79958
This. But don't hit too much or you will get fined.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 12:50:59 79959
Hit your wife every morning, even if you don't know why - she knows.

A man who cannot slaughter a sheep or beat his wife is better off not living at all.

Women are like chops - the more you beat them, the better they get.
Yo straight up help a nigga out Anonymous  # OP 12/04/21 Пнд 00:19:43 79940 Ответ
53.JPG 96Кб, 1154x690
How do u hide that u go through psychosis?
Ive been straight up not having a very good time in the past couple days and my friends are trying to get me in some type of trouble with the law/ want me to get hospitalized or something. I had the cops show up at my house yesterday. And tomorrow I have to see these people again, what an i do to get lucky with them?
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:22:34 79950
>>79940 (OP)
>what an i do to get lucky with them?

It just works.

Что русские думает про Югославии и страны бывшей Югославии? Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 11:46:13 79789 Ответ
download.png 1Кб, 318x159
Что русские думает про Югославии и страны бывшей Югославии?
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Пропущено 17 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 00:18:49 79939
Russian "Yugoslavia King Size" Federation
Russian "Yugoslavia Business Class" Federation
Russian "Yugoslavia +789% аs a gift!" Federation
Russian "Yugoslavia 86 for the price of one! " Federation

O moy gad, stap mee
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 00:21:47 79941
изображение.png 776Кб, 1000x555
Mmm Russian "BIG YOUGOSLAV MOM" Federation
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 01:37:13 79946
Russian "I am you, but stronger" Federation
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 02:59:05 79947
12/04/21 Пнд 21:20:14 79966
>>79789 (OP)
Now I wait for Yugoslavia 2: Balkan Federation
CATS' EMERGENCY MEETING Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 14:24:23 79729 Ответ
a55jt.jpg 18Кб, 334x466
Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 17:08:00 79732
I'm listening. Tell me more.
Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 21:19:32 79748
Finn-kun, I am intrigued and still waiting for details about this meeting.
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 05:19:49 79759
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:47:32 79929
16089879377270.jpg 95Кб, 750x748
Do not be worried. Soon he will save Russia from P*tins dictatorship and install democracy. Russia will be free once again! Biden will save Russia! Uraaa Anonymous  18/03/21 Чтв 09:21:15 78974 Ответ
biden.jpg 46Кб, 992x558
Do not be worried. Soon he will save Russia from P*tins dictatorship and install democracy. Russia will be free once again! Biden will save Russia! Uraaa
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Пропущено 13 постов, 6 с картинками.
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:01:19 79876
>doing anything
Pick one
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:32:49 79878
pyramidos.jpg 80Кб, 720x823
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:51:42 79880
71DJNVUsLKL.ACU[...].jfif 25Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 12:50:40 79901
I believe this is called yellowpilled
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 13:28:46 79903
True Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 16:09:17 79767 Ответ
13cbb5ac9bb62d7[...].jpg 122Кб, 600x614
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Пропущено 7 постов.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 21:19:37 79800
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 04:25:36 79807
That list makes me boil with internal anger.
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 12:58:32 79813
Are we considered as White Western Europeans?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 04:52:45 79895
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 12:01:01 79899
Is Russia incompatible with democracy? Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 02:44:46 70739 Ответ
1s89z9r8tc151.png 531Кб, 4592x3196
How come Russia has never been democratic for more than 2 minutes at a time? Do Russians hold democracy as an ideal? Putin is overwhelmingly popular, but he's an autocrat. If Russians feel they need to be ruled, does this mean they feel themselves less civilized than other democratic peoples?
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Пропущено 186 постов, 24 с картинками.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 16:36:53 79851
1613592118343.jpg 77Кб, 1013x967
Russians wants more democratic.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 17:10:26 79855
16179754150430.jpg 172Кб, 1013x967
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 01:47:11 79867
Armenian-simonyan must go to fuck off Karabakh.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 02:57:38 79893
To make democracy work, you need to have a lot of trust in the ability of public officials. Russia seems to lack that trust.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 03:22:55 79894
image.png 725Кб, 800x1200
Is it true that Russians soldiers have alot of gays or is it Hohol propaganda? Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 01:12:34 77381 Ответ
rus.jpg 62Кб, 980x410
Is it true that Russians soldiers have alot of gays or is it Hohol propaganda?
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Пропущено 19 постов, 6 с картинками.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 07:18:34 79841
Screenshot.png 803Кб, 895x316
You should not worry. I believe 80-90% of russian soldiers are still straight.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 21:53:09 79865
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 13:06:49 79872
A male can’t be beautiful you homo scum! Use “handsome” for males!
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 16:45:54 79873
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:50:33 79879
"hand"some comes from handing someone, means wanking someone, its gay. so you are pidaras
What are you doing there? Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:18:19 74341 Ответ
16120795810190.jpg 125Кб, 595x842
Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board? Why have you chosen 2ch, how have you found out 2ch?
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Пропущено 48 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 16:17:58 79797
I study russian and already having been on 4chan when I was younger I thought going here would be a good place to practice casual Russian
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 17:31:26 79799
> learn and practice russian
>on an imageboard
duuude... it'd be a very strange variant of russian, don't ever try to speak it IRL to anyone
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 04:52:41 79808
What happens if you try to speak it? Will they just leave? Or punch you?
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 09:13:07 79812
They will not get you, or get you wrong. It is an expected outcome when speaking in memespeak with common folk.
Those ones who will get you are probably 2chers themselves and will see you as dumb shit for breaking rule #1 of our club.
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:04:40 79877
yyy.png 534Кб, 479x584
I don't speak a bit of Russian, I just learned about this place from the Hunger Games thread hosted (there's a similar equivalent on 4chan /b/) and I just wanted to check this site out real quick
What do russians think of Anarchism? Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 15:40:53 78825 Ответ
1611226321406.png 7Кб, 768x485
What do russians think of Anarchism?
Пропущено 48 постов
11 с картинками.
Пропущено 48 постов, 11 с картинками.
09/04/21 Птн 01:28:36 79831
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 12:42:41 79849
533889940.png 1304Кб, 648x1200
fgxhxchhgfcnmgh[...].jpg 29Кб, 578x770
>You disgrace yourself.
I am telling the truth .
You dishonor yourself by shielding the killer.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 15:15:37 79850
> posting poor quality propaganda in the form of stupid memes = telling the truth
Things are tough for TsIPSO these days, it seems. It's even worse than regular pig pictures.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 20:31:12 79862
322968original.jpg 50Кб, 427x550
>Things are tough for TsIPSO these days, it seems. It's even worse than regular pig pictures.
Excuse me if I hurt your religious feelings
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 21:13:09 79863
Сегодня я начал учить русский. Пожелай мне удачи. Anonymous  04/11/20 Срд 03:05:21 70292 Ответ
moscow-27426421[...].jpg 455Кб, 1920x1280
Сегодня я начал учить русский. Пожелай мне удачи.
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12 с картинками.
Пропущено 66 постов, 12 с картинками.
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 17:09:20 79708
LMAO, tradition russian is more like polish, but simple is like shit. It's dog. It's Volodya president.
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 23:56:38 79713
Спасибо очень приятно
Anonymous  04/04/21 Вск 12:08:44 79723
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 04:46:03 79834
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 10:41:40 79844
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