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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
(127Кб, 495x333)

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

IWO Krasnoyarsk Anonymous  19/03/18 Пнд 10:44:18 29724 Ответ
DSC0053.JPG (2673Кб, 3264x2448)
IWO Krasnoyarsk
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Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 11:20:51 63730
15518753598730.png (651Кб, 869x673)
>imagine a nuclear bomb falling at that frozen shithole lmao
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 14:19:34 65447
Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 20:04:16 65630
20200314121418.jpg (3592Кб, 4128x2322)
20200319114759.jpg (4224Кб, 4128x2322)
20200312151522.jpg (3854Кб, 4128x2322)
Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 20:14:08 65631
1.mp4 (30435Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:36)
Anonymous  09/04/20 Чтв 04:07:07 65894
20200401122817.jpg (3325Кб, 4128x2322)
OP is alive
Общайтесь на русском языке. Хули вы как варвары ебаные? Те кто не знает русского языка - должны ему научится, ебаные варвары. Anonymous  02/07/19 Втр 08:45:15 59808 Ответ
15233739517760.jpg (126Кб, 640x640)
15615679917600.mp4 (7965Кб, 640x480, 00:01:24)
Общайтесь на русском языке. Хули вы как варвары ебаные? Те кто не знает русского языка - должны ему научится, ебаные варвары.
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Anonymous  24/12/19 Втр 15:35:31 63631
>>59808 (OP)
Ну вот и нахуй нужно, если вся борда русскоязычная?
Anonymous  25/12/19 Срд 20:36:06 63682
Anonymous  25/12/19 Срд 20:40:01 63683
ты откуда знаешь и как пишешь из-под немецкого айпи?
Если бы ещё в английском сделали реформу правописания и заговорили на одном диалекте.
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 23:33:16 65891
Anonymous  09/04/20 Чтв 00:15:36 65893
пусть сначала эрец исраэль на ингриш перейдет, а там посмотрим
I want to learn english language Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 12:08:27 65804 Ответ
cover.jpg (638Кб, 1441x1441)
Where to begin ?
I always use google translator.
I have a small vocabulary.
Also i don't know grammar.
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Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 20:34:33 65879
external-conten[...].png (131Кб, 1200x1200)
Anki2.0.22KDE4.[...].png (21Кб, 260x196)
>>65804 (OP)
1. Download a program named Anki
2. It is a flashcard spaced-repetition software
3. You will create a virtual deck of cards
4. On the front of each card you will put an English sentence, copy/paste from anywhere (internet forums, news articles, books, film subtitles, etc.)
5. On the back of each card, you will put the Russian translation of the English sentence (use Google Translate for this)
6. Each day you will use the program and review your cards
7. When you review a card, you will mark your level of confidence in knowing the sentence - Very bad, bad, good, great
8. If you press "very bad" the program will give you the same card the next day
9. If you press "great" the program will give you the same card in 4 days
10. If you press "great" in 4 days, the program will give you the card again in 12 days, and so on
11. This is spaced-repetition. You will not be reviewing all of your cards each day. You may have 2000 cards if you dedicate yourself.
12. Every day you will review 5-15 new cards. It is your choice.

Read:>>65804 (OP)
>>65804 (OP)
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 21:06:51 65880
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 21:57:16 65881
Это русский тролль с немецким VPN
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 21:13:59 65889
no he said that russians are great inventors but they dont know how to sell it on the market aka "share it witth us russkies".
>american colleagues
american pidarases
>Because their own government fucks russian inventors painfully
it doesnt. russian goverment tortures its people so some of them run away to west. where they work and steal technologie from west, was always like this.
+imperialism(russians live abroad)
+new technolgies
+russians bring money home
+can be used as recruits.
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 23:36:41 65892
>some of them run away to west. where they work and steal technologie from west
wtf are you moron talking about?
Whats the best way to learn Russian? Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 14:08:38 65839 Ответ
AF67351B-4722-4[...].jpeg (118Кб, 267x400)
Whats the best way to learn Russian?
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Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 11:59:27 65885
>>65839 (OP)
come to /fl there is a thread about studying russian they have info there
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 14:33:09 65886
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 19:35:35 65887
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 20:13:12 65888
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 22:21:47 65890
==The only thing that motivates me to live is the hope that one day I will still Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 21:56:18 65868 Ответ
648236382318161[...].jpg (51Кб, 960x640)
491980799.jpg (187Кб, 719x1024)
1586050404163-1.png (672Кб, 1073x808)
==The only thing that motivates me to live is the hope that one day I will still have an orgy with Ferenc, Sayuri Mattar and Dyh Murder.==

==I swear to god: on the day that happens, you will have news in your country’s newspapers of the appearance of the first pregnant man in human history. And I will be the father.==
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 09:04:17 65884
BonbiBonkers General Anonymous  02/11/19 Суб 21:03:09 62308 Ответ
15726822642610.png (973Кб, 1080x1911)
1080x1911 (515 Videos) (334 Posts) (embed)

WebM Pack:!C1szUahY!wAozqblbJ7ivdfm5kd6IEw (WebMs, 60fps, no longer updated)
Chronology Pack:!gJ1AlYwJ!TFORcOzEIEERs19J7b97LQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)
Misc. stuff:!tREl2QwJ!Fw2wzaTPeluUpKpnJefkSQ (Edits, Memes)

Useful links:

- 2 New Coraline videos
- She streamed on Twitch in Witch Mercy cosplay - (also available in Streams pack)
- New story, announcing a break (and some cosplays) -
- Instagram profile updated -
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Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 12:58:34 65757
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 13:32:59 65759
I love Bonbi. The cutest tiktok-girl ever.
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 23:13:45 65772
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 01:18:16 65774
Anonymous  08/04/20 Срд 01:00:52 65882
But does Bonbi love you?
Суды при Анкап :) Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:31:54 65662 Ответ
kak-budut-rabot[...].png (155Кб, 1000x1000)
Суды при Анкап :)
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Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 07:15:52 65859
>>65662 (OP)
What do you trust more and find more reliable: russian state court or private arbitrage on aliexpress and ebay?
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 20:02:35 65864
>private arbitrage on aliexpress and ebay?

Private arbitrage on ebay. Aliexpress is biased and setteles cases in favour of chinks
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 03:08:21 65869
Would you rather buy stuff from Avito or Aliexpress?
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 12:54:53 65875
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 19:38:45 65878
This board is more dead than Lenin Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 22:57:21 65789 Ответ
157480394911273[...].jpg (61Кб, 700x452)
This board is more dead than Lenin
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Пропущено 10 постов.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 18:02:22 65863
Ленин жив!
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 20:52:02 65865
Testung der VPN in diese trede. Ich bin auf Poland?
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 20:52:25 65866
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 10:18:59 65870
Anonymous  07/04/20 Втр 10:20:19 65871
molodoy davay davay mole-dover
USA n1 Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 13:37:44 65833 Ответ
amerimuttirl.png (782Кб, 1024x1023)
american family.jpg (110Кб, 1024x683)
america main ob[...].jpg (181Кб, 656x734)
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 14:04:37 65837
ADA7BD6D-A650-4[...].jpeg (22Кб, 223x226)
Thanks for loaning us all those rocket scientists
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 17:28:09 65844
15709836833210.jpg (56Кб, 500x500)
You're welcome. They're better off with you.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 21:16:22 65867
Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips? Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 18:22:53 65424 Ответ
image.png (76Кб, 533x260)
Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips?
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Пропущено 19 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 20:12:50 65784
this video is bullshit btw
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 20:18:35 65786
i agree, hes bad mi6 agent.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 03:25:28 65856
Yes, russian bydlo can't to voice.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 05:39:17 65858
i watched gurran lagann in russian
now i know how to say transform and i veryu v tebya in russia
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 13:52:31 65862
Reanimedia the best russian voicer. But other voicers very bad.
Where is /int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 (10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17)
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  30/03/20 Пнд 10:39:37 65743
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 09:56:16 65755
That's why you, horvats, can't have nice things - you all were made in an act of dirty forced sex
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 11:01:32 65756
Post some sensual love making then, faggot.
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 09:22:09 65781
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 10:29:08 65860
1585078459511.webm (2635Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:10)
286631e167724e5[...].mp4 (2929Кб, 352x640, 00:00:36)
A couple of beggars live in front of my house. The problem is: she is very cute. Anonymous  11/03/20 Срд 06:31:32 65402 Ответ
Homeless husband.jpg (75Кб, 617x432)
abandoned zoo.jpg (298Кб, 700x470)
A couple of beggars live in front of my house.

The problem is: she is very cute. I wanna fuck her. I have absolutely no doubt that she would accept to give me a blowjob for 70 dollars.

Near my house there is an abandoned zoo, it would be the perfect place to have sex with her.

The girl is totally schizophrenic. She spends hours and hours a day looking at nothing. She lives entirely in a parallel world.

I want to make her a proposal to suck me, but I'm afraid she'll make a fuss. What do anons think about this?

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Anonymous  11/03/20 Срд 11:20:47 65404
even beggars have sexual lives
Anonymous  11/03/20 Срд 16:00:12 65406
1571420473335.jpg (108Кб, 650x650)
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 03:45:45 65444
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 16:57:48 65764
>>65402 (OP)
ask her if she wants to fuck anonymously on pornhub and you guys can split the money
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 05:20:38 65857
sdsdsdd # OP 05/04/20 Вск 22:04:06 65850 Ответ
kisu.jpg (28Кб, 400x400)
Do you russians enjoy living in a corrupted, poor country where all citizens should be rich af if you only didnt have that manlet cuck Putin running the shithole. Hahahahh your lives will start and end in commieblocks lmao
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 23:39:02 65851
>>65850 (OP)
russia is the richest country in the world. what are you talking about ? you mean like papermoney rich ? how do you define rich ? why should people be rich ?
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 00:55:04 65855
The Future is Finnish Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 11:16:15 65826 Ответ
finland vs coro[...].png (55Кб, 528x1525)
The Future is Finnish
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 13:53:15 65834
>implying Estonia North will ever amount to anything
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 23:54:49 65854
Bill Gates and other American Elite scheduled for court in 3 trillion dollar lawsuite Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 21:56:22 65849 Ответ
court.png (86Кб, 716x784)
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 23:42:45 65852
Putin is good guy Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 21:30:18 65848 Ответ
flag-ya-gorzhus[...].jpg (571Кб, 1000x667)
Putin is good guy
how to feel myself comfy again? Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 02:59:58 65821 Ответ
IMG202003220125[...].jpg (48Кб, 1080x789)
how to feel myself comfy again?
Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 10:42:14 65824
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 14:06:58 65838
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 17:27:04 65843
-----------------------------------================BOOM======================--------------------------------------- Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 12:21:49 65832 Ответ
ronery.jpg (134Кб, 512x512)
Draw Thread #2 Anonymous  04/03/20 Срд 22:52:59 65269 Ответ
Untitled-21-Rec[...].jpg (2415Кб, 2945x3009)
Untitled-233243[...].jpg (1595Кб, 2035x2228)
382f128eec74969[...].jpg (145Кб, 2048x1152)
1580753940912.gif (163Кб, 494x332)
Draw or sketch anything you wish and have fun ITT, friends.

Pic related, I drew Trump but have been procrastinating ever since drawing him.
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Пропущено 3 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:38:41 65665
dadasda.png (140Кб, 800x600)
sketch(3).png (73Кб, 800x600)
sketch(1).png (67Кб, 800x600)
dasdasdadad.png (14Кб, 800x600)
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:40:46 65666
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 23:53:13 65680
is that a Half Life 2 Strider in the third one ?
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 03:04:54 65752
L e T a i.jpg (97Кб, 720x861)
Мин-Ху.jpg (161Кб, 720x1057)
Священник.jpg (132Кб, 720x928)
my scribbles....
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 10:56:21 65831
CaptainHohol.png (27Кб, 1348x875)
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is! Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:47:20 63902 Ответ
ChadSlav.PNG (293Кб, 1180x544)
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is!
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Пропущено 49 постов, 30 с картинками.
Anonymous  02/04/20 Чтв 23:56:52 65800
Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 17:01:42 65810
pi7f99m9hps31.png (202Кб, 1259x512)
Islam makes those monkeys even crazier.
Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 20:30:32 65811
what was first islam or monkey ?
Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 13:21:14 65827
a7v680k8q5h01.png (698Кб, 2834x1228)
64klcvpebt641.png (207Кб, 960x537)
egprdwujxv811.png (297Кб, 2518x1024)
bb47463187ce37f[...].png (262Кб, 960x540)
It's hard to say. Einstein said stupidity has no limits.
Here, get some kikes and street-shitters to trigger you a little bit.
Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 14:05:15 65829
>Here, get some kikes and street-shitters to trigger you a little bit.
It is only in your mind.
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