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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

Может быть кто нибудь из Варшавы хотел бы выбраться вместе в ирл? Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 10:02:43 83943 Ответ
warszawawiezowc[...].jpg 313Кб, 800x425
Может быть кто нибудь из Варшавы хотел бы выбраться вместе в ирл?
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Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 22:18:09 84022
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 04:12:53 84037
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:11:22 84047
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:19:47 84048
У тебя пост отклеился.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 09:26:42 84055
Да. Ты тоже? Давай выбираться вместе.
only fox gods knows Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 14:47:38 83971 Ответ
foxgods.png 40Кб, 408x393
only fox gods knows
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 14:48:17 83972
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 14:52:57 83973
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 05:46:52 84044
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 08:34:07 84054
Russia Country Life Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 00:11:30 83767 Ответ
8b253a69dc37c8a[...].jpg 420Кб, 1080x1350
I'm Indian and my wife is Chinese. We're from white-collar backgrounds and love Russia. We're thinking of moving to Russia for a few years, buying a farm and living a peaceful rural life, maybe outside St. Petersburg. We also have two very young kids and want them to learn the meaning of freedom, hard work and toil so they don't end up spoiled or addicted to social media and technology.

From my experience, Russian people are very friendly and welcoming to people like us. I am just wondering if it's a good place for us to raise our kids. I'm not going to bother if my kids will be ostracized or beat up because of their race, I want them to be respected by whatever community we live in. Otherwise there are plenty of other places we can move. Do you think racism is realistically going to be a problem? We're decently wealthy if that's a factor.

Lastly, is the Russian country life any good? My wife loved being free as a kid to run around with her friends exploring the nature in China and finding new things to do. Is it this way in Russia? I've only really been to the cities.
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Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 05:24:17 84042
What's the story? Are you sure it's not Belarus? Because they act like in Belarus and I don't see a reason to act like this in Russia.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 05:27:19 84043
Date is 2020/08/11. So it's Belarus.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 08:00:15 84051
16230099451470.jpg 95Кб, 1036x916
Are they detaining random people? LMAO. I wish our Belarusian shitposter got to experience this, but he never leaves his home.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 08:06:43 84052
This. You won't be able to grow many things in St Petersburg. No peaches, no sweet potato.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 08:14:51 84053
The policemen are doing their job, they are being paid for that. It's not like they hurt anyone, and most of those detained protesters are released soon after even without a fine. People don't want them protesting there under their windows and spreading coronavirus more, nobody of those protesters got vaccined because they don't care. Am I ignorant? You called me ignorant just in advance because you are so sure you are right and everyone else is wrong. The police is acting according to articles you probably learnt by heart already. How is it lawless? It's the law.

Nothing like what we see in Belarus obviously, >>84041 this is just incomparable.
What are you doing there? Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:18:19 74341 Ответ
16120795810190.jpg 125Кб, 595x842
Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board? Why have you chosen 2ch, how have you found out 2ch?
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Anonymous  18/06/21 Птн 00:35:34 83657
You are gonna learn 2ch-speak at best, gopnik-speak at worst.
Keep that in mind.
Anonymous  18/06/21 Птн 01:05:52 83658
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 06:06:39 83932
>>74341 (OP)
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
>Why have you chosen 2ch
Webms and MP4 with sound; 4 pics per post
That is all
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:24:26 84049
1624422264050.jpeg 34Кб, 592x532
Уж тебе то, питушёк, стыдно не знать разницу между пидором и геем.
Или ты из этих, из овсянников, м? Тогда все с тобой ясно понятно.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:37:19 84050
I saw that there are many people here who want to learn Russian. Welcome to my telegram chat.
A real russian padded jacket
Say something nice about Belgium Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 23:54:06 71002 Ответ
1605128646083.png 106Кб, 785x757
Say something nice about Belgium
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Anonymous  12/06/21 Суб 13:04:23 83162
>>71002 (OP)
Belgium gone a suck huge biba. Get your bottocks prepared to spank by GREAT RUSSIA PIDOR team
Anonymous  13/06/21 Вск 07:16:45 83301
Beligium is fucking luckers.
Anonymous  17/06/21 Чтв 20:05:21 83642
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 06:48:54 84045
Overrated chocolate.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 06:53:03 84046
Tcw denbts was not paid)))
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is! Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:47:20 63902 Ответ
ChadSlav.PNG 293Кб, 1180x544
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is!
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Пропущено 114 постов, 70 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 12:26:49 78333
1614815381078.png 298Кб, 491x491
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 21:10:44 78805
chad slav vs vi[...].jpg 133Кб, 606x710
Anonymous  24/04/21 Суб 04:56:33 80371
1619207083403.png 2749Кб, 2500x1868
Anonymous  07/05/21 Птн 18:45:25 80930
1620400009487.jpg 232Кб, 1480x720
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 03:17:46 84036
1624379036220.png 208Кб, 2518x1164
Ошибка постинга: Доступ запрещён.. Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 21:51:17 83875 Ответ
65f5686666823c9[...].jpg 32Кб, 300x236
garold1.jpg 32Кб, 590x417
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Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 23:44:50 84029
Пчел, это даже не бан - писскоды тут не при чем, весь загран приложили нахер просто.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 23:46:57 84030
Но это не мешает слабоумцам из Гермахи постить свою жрачку из больнички.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 23:48:07 84031
И не впервой, заметьте.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 00:14:41 84033
>>83875 (OP)
Ну а хули ты на двачах проебываешь лето, иди пробздись.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 02:57:06 84035
12779043622.mp4 1318Кб, 854x480, 00:00:12
Hello russian 4ch, my name is John, im from USA. Are you ready for an armed conflict with the United States ? John from USA  24/05/21 Пнд 20:55:41 82350 Ответ
T91KuV9VIeC-zg7[...].jpg 229Кб, 1200x1518
Hello russian 4ch, my name is John, im from USA.
Are you ready for an armed conflict with the United States ?
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Пропущено 13 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  01/06/21 Втр 07:25:40 82679
>>82350 (OP)
Shure john, make your rakom stand comfortable and prepeare for good old russian anus eblya in jopa.
Anonymous  16/06/21 Срд 01:36:15 83612
uckyou.jpg 47Кб, 512x347
Anonymous  17/06/21 Чтв 23:34:28 83649
>>82350 (OP)
Well, my white flag is ready.
oh wait, do drones see white flags? Or should i bring *i support BLM " flag instead?
Suddenly, i think im not as ready as i thought i was.
Anonymous  18/06/21 Птн 11:06:37 83678
Hi John
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 01:06:15 84034
>>82350 (OP)
Not yet John, you have to get circumcised and drink some newborns blood first
Знаете, наверное самое странное что может быть Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 05:41:25 72072 Ответ
photo2020-12-12[...].jpg 92Кб, 1045x1280
Знаете, наверное самое странное что может быть в жизни, это родится в Балтийских странах в русской семье. По итогу, ты будешь чужим местным людям, и так же будешь чужим русским, несмотря на то, что общий культурный бекграунд у вас может быть общий. Может есть аноны, которые понимают что я имею ввиду? Как вы справляетесь с этим?
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Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 21:37:04 84020
Ясно, ну это твои домыслы.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 22:06:42 84021
unnamed (1).png 20Кб, 354x356
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 22:29:18 84024
Попоболь вероятно пимпик, завтра эсты празднуют избиение немцев и латышей с Риги.
Но жара действительно пипец.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 22:38:16 84025
Не стоит читать zog/
и особенно мои предсказания
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 00:04:28 84032
>>72072 (OP)
Бедненький какой, лол. Ты думаешь, что тут кто-то кого-то своим считает? У русни нет своих и никогда не было, а так же никогда не было гражданского общества
Lol wtf, I cant post it on 4ch. Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 23:18:53 84027 Ответ
1616647797505.gif 4074Кб, 500x557
Lol wtf, I cant post it on 4ch.
Сосите, нацисты Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 18:41:13 83993 Ответ
hitler was a bi[...].png 1734Кб, 1922x1374
т. Слава Григорьевич
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 22:18:57 84023
EURO 2020 thread Anonymous  16/06/21 Срд 13:44:02 83616 Ответ
lukaka.jpg 60Кб, 1200x675
My pizda is ready for international dick

t. telka from Piter
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Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 13:11:04 83957
2127259-phil-an[...].png 241Кб, 614x407
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 13:19:32 83958
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 14:03:36 83967
Fukcing poser finns made it somehow. Pure luck. Also
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 14:28:35 83970
63759927837885.png 470Кб, 774x430
But we still have 50/50 chance to go in play-off by third place.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 20:11:03 83998
Ah, like I give a shit aobut some shitty teams made in this shitty tornet.
HELP US!!! Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 17:29:14 83797 Ответ
59E7278E-4C2B-4[...].png 77Кб, 700x394
We are surrounded by western imperialists
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Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 16:41:37 83985
Here >>83960 you say that jewish people in Ukraine are stupid. That cause they defend our country, their homes and sinagogs from bainwashed russian fascist?
Do you understand that you are real stupid nazies with that thinking? And you is coward before you brainwash cretinism by putin propagand.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 17:11:40 83989
> you say that jewish people in Ukraine are stupid
Combining Jewish and Nazi symbols is stupid.
> That cause they defend
Whoever kills people there they kill people in the name of the Kievan junta, they kill people who didn't want their constitutional government be overthrown, they kill people who didn't care about these matters and just lived their lives, they kill kids who don't know about politics. They defend your ego so you can shitpost and spread hatred.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 17:19:19 83990
I'm probably talking to a NATO troll. Be honest how much do they pay you? 15 cents?
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 17:50:52 83991
What about crucified boy, stupid propaganda zombie?
>NATO troll
Lol, typically russian zombie thinking: 'Enemies are everywhere, all world against Pidorashka, Russia is chosen one'... You all are so pathetic.
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 18:35:01 83992
You're so hard-working yesterday and today. Keep up this way and you'll get a raise in no time.
More words like "pidorashka", "zombie", "brainwashed", "propaganda" please.
STOP THE JEWISH GENOCIDE Anonymous  21/05/21 Птн 09:14:57 82014 Ответ
isreal.png 2013Кб, 1730x1276
fucking kikes.png 1740Кб, 1520x1052
killing palesti[...].png 930Кб, 1208x596
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Пропущено 9 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  23/05/21 Вск 21:00:53 82274
29/05/21 Суб 18:49:22 82585
Jesus christ, your drawing is shit.
03/06/21 Чтв 16:18:01 82786
03/06/21 Чтв 16:18:46 82787
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 16:46:04 83986
ירושלים של זהב.mp4 20341Кб, 640x480, 00:05:47
rosssiaa and putin btfo why russian tiktok full of teenage pidor zoomers? they not even 18 and got millions of views Anonymous  18/06/21 Птн 13:08:17 83683 Ответ
pidor1 (1).mp4 1118Кб, 540x960, 00:00:07
pidor1 (2).mp4 837Кб, 540x960, 00:00:07
pidor1 (3).mp4 1601Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:09
pidor1 (4).mp4 2561Кб, 540x960, 00:00:13
rosssiaa and putin btfo

why russian tiktok full of teenage pidor zoomers? they not even 18 and got millions of views
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Пропущено 22 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 18:02:01 83866
You are the one who shoves their fetishes in everyone's faces, lard eating madman.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 18:09:41 83867
Man, really find girl, or buy hooker. Mastrubate is bad for physic and mental health.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 18:13:29 83868
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 19:26:31 83869
4q gayrope, here is line in ural mountains and in right side of it we are not gays! Straight asian power !1!!!1111
>t. pidor from ceeuropa
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 02:39:47 83916
bourgeois, why by the word "democracy", you always mean "liberal bourgeois Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 10:20:19 83783 Ответ
читогэ2.webm 20180Кб, 960x540, 00:03:03
bourgeois, why by the word "democracy", you always mean "liberal bourgeois democracy". There are other forms of it. Personally, I like the structure of the Soviets (the USSR before 1936). Its essence - the elected body from a certain people's enterprise chose a deputy to the higher council, from there on. The cherry on the cake - if the very first council that chose this MP sees that it is going against him, he had every right to dismiss him. Are you able to recall the deputy now? DEMOCRACY IS NOT AN ELECTION OF 2 OR MORE CANDIDATES! DEMOCRACY IS THE ABILITY TO INFLUENCE THE CHOSEN GOVERNMENT.
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Пропущено 8 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 20:41:12 83806
16022827150670.png 139Кб, 1080x1588
>>83783 (OP)
>Its essence - the elected body from a (((certain people)))'s enterprise chose a deputy to the higher council, from there on.
get some genetic therapies, schizo
Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 20:44:29 83807
Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 20:46:26 83808
quote-democracy[...].jpg 72Кб, 850x400
I know what those councils did and who they were. Get fucked.
Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 21:17:24 83810
Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 01:33:06 83910
I love you, frens :3 Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 14:25:32 83791 Ответ
grafik.png 602Кб, 1357x641
I love you, frens :3
Anonymous  20/06/21 Вск 17:15:58 83796
pepe-flowers-an[...].png 43Кб, 657x527
Take my pills, frens.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 19:31:14 83870
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 21:46:21 83874
B72CE0DE-9AEF-4[...].png 404Кб, 819x827
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 23:18:30 83897
We love you too
English slang thread Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 20:24:45 83873 Ответ
изображение.png 50Кб, 815x549
Today I learned rekt has nothing to do with rectum. I always thought when they type "I got rekt" they mean "I got rectally raped". English is weird, but I'll get there eventually, thanks Urban Dictionary.
Do you occasionly get posters from other soviet countries like kazazkhstan or armenia on this site, or is it mainly just russians/slavs? Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 16:26:57 70702 Ответ
d77cc846208659c[...].jpg 125Кб, 1080x1616
Do you occasionly get posters from other soviet countries like kazazkhstan or armenia on this site, or is it mainly just russians/slavs?
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Пропущено 40 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 17:27:49 83856
You should be happy because I found out there is a country named Ukraine 7 years ago.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 17:34:48 83858
photo5336819396[...].jpg 22Кб, 306x408
photo5336819396[...].jpg 21Кб, 408x306
5d53e1ef-89be-4[...].jpg 74Кб, 800x600
Don't switch your mode to russian cuckold huczpa, chum. That don't work with me, I was on front and from town what was attacked by russian 'north-wind' army without any national sighs. Your 'ihtamnet'-souldiers die like a dogs without any recognition and honor, our guys dye like real soldier and warrior what defend their land from your cuckold imperialism.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 17:49:52 83861
Not interested in TSIPsO fanfics anymore. I've read that, "surgical waste" and such. Turned out to be fairy tales every single time. Guys with actual Nazi symbols over Ukrainian yellow and blue colors go and kill their own, that's the undeniable truth. The Kievan junta made a shooting gallery for all the right-wing scum from all over the world out of Donbass. Russia helps Donbass, but many of us wish that help were more active. We feel sorry for all Ukrainian folk even brainwashed ones, and we know the junta will go and the Ukrainians will stay.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 17:55:08 83863
What about crucified boy, cuckold with agressorstate-propagand instead of your brain?
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 17:56:35 83864
This hohol is broken, bring in a new one.
Music thread Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 18:01:46 73091 Ответ
grafik.png 1509Кб, 1024x1024
What kind of music do you listen to? What's your favorite genre(s), bands, composers, albums etc.?
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Пропущено 57 постов, 11 с картинками.
Anonymous  16/06/21 Срд 01:29:25 83610
Simple dimple are cool
No Pop it are cool
No, simple dimple
No, pop it
Anonymous  16/06/21 Срд 01:31:07 83611
Великий манипулятор  17/06/21 Чтв 18:03:30 83639
Tiamat, KMDFM, Green Day, Therapy?, Pyogenesis, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, Ministry, Sabaton, Cop shoot Cop, Theathre of Tragedy and others
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 11:39:26 83828
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 16:58:29 83850
EndstilleEndsti[...].jpg 673Кб, 2876x1392
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