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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
(127Кб, 495x333)

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

Senko is Ukrainian Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:12:16 64111 Ответ
c6767bd39fdc977[...].png (466Кб, 688x904)
All names that end in -enko are Ukrainian in origin. The best fox waifu is a "lowly khohol" and probably hates Russia. How does this make Russkies feel?
18/01/20 Суб 09:56:12 64116
Ukranians don't hate me.
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 10:02:54 64117
15681768333770.webm (908Кб, 640x360, 00:00:07)
15737679806310.mp4 (906Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:03)
Japanese rightful clay Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 06:32:13 64109 Ответ
42506716-blue-m[...].jpg (52Кб, 1235x1300)
Japanese rightful clay
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:03:32 64110
Crimea.jpg (888Кб, 1600x1257)
Ukrainian rightful clay
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:28:34 64112
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:35:56 64115
Rus1500-1900.png (42Кб, 588x248)
Nearly all of Russia is stolen land that needs to be returned to its rightful owner.
finland Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 00:10:01 63714 Ответ
finnish lady.jpg (214Кб, 1080x907)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 20:10:26 64104
>>63714 (OP)
stupid nigger lover went to africa to become nanny for your average nigger kids (orphans)
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:29:43 64114
this is me rate Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 18:16:35 64064 Ответ
terrorist.jpg (204Кб, 1224x1632)
this is me rate
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 19:47:36 64066
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:04:28 64073
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 17:40:55 64080
15787594855410.jpg (91Кб, 900x506)
So stupid
This is me, rate
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 02:39:19 64108
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:29:09 64113
Hey khohols, I heard you will be drafted in ukrainian army already at age 18. that's great news. Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 21:24:37 64081 Ответ
ECAGseGXUAAEJL8.jpg (54Кб, 599x573)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:23:02 64094
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 02:38:00 64107
>>64081 (OP)
There are no hohols here. Go and search for hohol under your bed, you hohol-addicted.
у мене все знают Россия говно Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 18:56:27 64101 Ответ
kaczmarczak.jpg (18Кб, 480x360)
у мене все знают Россия говно
17/01/20 Птн 19:03:40 64102
>>64101 (OP)
молодец, разбираешься в говне, курва, а теперь иди нахуй
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 23:15:04 64106
Who is this whore and what is the Sauce? Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 16:23:59 64078 Ответ
15780992172881.mp4 (8923Кб, 854x480, 00:01:54)
Who is this whore and what is the Sauce?
16/01/20 Чтв 23:35:30 64083
16/01/20 Чтв 23:37:34 64084
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 20:35:14 64105
лол 2ч
Belarusian military parade :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Anonymous  17/12/19 Втр 22:47:44 63437 Ответ
15764639399290.webm (3404Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:30)
Anonymous  18/12/19 Срд 01:36:11 63445
what mod
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:24:13 64095
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 19:13:01 64103
>>63437 (OP)
> russophobic stones
some day that's how warfare's gonna look like: stealthy drones doing their shit all over the place. God forbid military faggots, those insane pieces of shit.
Was Okna a scripted TV show or not? To this day, I still don't know this. Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 12:42:49 64092 Ответ
b132aa6835db8ba[...].jpeg (33Кб, 700x487)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 16:27:21 64097
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 16:57:30 64098
Where did they find so many actors?
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 18:15:06 64099
Any petty russian city graduates tens (literally tons) of fameless actors every year.
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 18:16:11 64100
> any
> every
so ashamed of still not knowing the difference other than any's preferrable in questions and negations
Soon Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 14:51:05 63996 Ответ
uwaga uwaga rso[...].webm (4709Кб, 854x480, 00:02:09)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:33:32 64096
Стикер (319Кб, 512x512)
512x512 end russian occupation free Chechnya free my people Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 07:06:41 64090 Ответ
1575590661145.jpg (376Кб, 1200x846)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:21:08 64093
image.png (3255Кб, 1920x1200)
we all iranians Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 00:37:14 64086 Ответ
cute boy.jpg (1487Кб, 1667x2500)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 01:04:13 64087
>>64086 (OP)
go fuck yourself in /po/ with these rusek shit
also leave germoney you iranian piece of crap
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 01:09:35 64088
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 01:26:55 64089
1560462635748.jpg (61Кб, 397x502)
Because it's not nice to be an ignorant ape unable to read:
> "Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well."
Please, evolve.
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 07:07:34 64091
1571811823143.png (42Кб, 403x649)
FREE MY BROTHERS... NOW! Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 01:13:35 63869 Ответ
5903297492f9b3e[...].jpg (30Кб, 360x216)
Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 04:36:34 63870
Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 19:20:54 63877
247B9F81-D282-4[...].jpg (60Кб, 1023x575)
>>63869 (OP)
ochkeria* is not chechnya.

>free chechnya
yes two please!
Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 20:23:37 63879
Anonymous  09/01/20 Чтв 06:40:59 63981
BLRChechensovpa[...].jpg (240Кб, 2045x1040)
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 23:57:50 64085
Stop scrolling Baikal-kun  03/01/20 Птн 17:07:13 63872 Ответ
image.png (11Кб, 225x225)
What do you think of the Ukrainian people as a whole?
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Anonymous  09/01/20 Чтв 14:46:58 63983
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:11:08 64075
I have had some Ukrainian friends and Canada has many of them, but we typically regard them as a slow and stupid people
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 14:26:00 64077
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 17:03:22 64079
>>63872 (OP)
Ukrainians are the last real slavs remaining after Russians have turned their culture into jewish during the revolution.
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 23:14:31 64082
was / is this your life? Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 23:40:18 63880 Ответ
30 years wasted.mp4 (3036Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:38)
was / is this your life?
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Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 01:23:38 64056
>Looking to moving to finland now actually, was there last month.
Endstation, fahrgäste bitte aussteigen.
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 01:32:12 64057
Tervetuloa kotiin!

But yeah it was really pleasant. I was honestly surprised how people live there. People in other countries think that's how Americans live, where in reality it's in Europe...
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 06:57:53 64059
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:08:53 64074
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:12:38 64076
oh I forgot, all instances of "I was" should be "was I"
Have you ever encountered the """"increased female empathy and Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:53:25 63817 Ответ
15603465350191.jpg (522Кб, 1000x798)
1559747962396.jpg (94Кб, 1080x1350)
15591462233710.jpg (40Кб, 640x480)
1554490383675.jpg (72Кб, 750x937)
Have you ever encountered the """"increased female empathy and care for others""""?

If anything women most of all have been canibalistic sociopaths in every sphere of life, virtue signaling at most.

Who even propagates this "women are more caring and empathetic" message?
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Anonymous  12/01/20 Вск 11:45:31 64032
No such instinct to want an offspring exists among mammals. Females only want to fuck. Pregnancy comes later against her will. Only after a female gives birth, the afterbirth hormones make her feel pity for her cub to prevent her eating it. Those hormones apply only for the next 1-3 months during which she can develop an emotional bond with a kid similar to what you develop with other people.
Anonymous  12/01/20 Вск 20:30:59 64041
>>63817 (OP)
>Who even propagates this "women are more caring and empathetic" message?
Totally agree with you, OP
Anonymous  13/01/20 Пнд 17:55:42 64050
Yes, all the time.

I am that exact one pretty charismatic narcissist women want to save from myself all the time.

But of course I also met cannibalistic sociopaths - the best sex is with them.
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 05:17:02 64068

the best sex i had was with the daugher of that inbred shepherd who rapes and behead 10 years old hikers
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 01:14:50 64072
just came back from the hospital fems are surely the most empathetic gender no doubt about it
is this true? Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 08:34:34 63991 Ответ
d297bajife131.jpg (76Кб, 480x651)
is this true?
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Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 02:28:57 64008
Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 02:46:07 64009
Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 03:00:51 64010
Американский яд.jpg (106Кб, 452x640)
Дифракция Фраун[...].jpg (150Кб, 1114x713)
>>63991 (OP)

If corporate America should win...

Anyone with a low enough IQ to consume GMO products will become unable to reproduce.

GM corn set to stop belligerent miscreants from spreading their seeds of agony and despair:


>'We have also created corn plants that make antibodies against the herpes virus, so we should be able to make a plant-based jelly that not only prevents pregnancy but also blocks the spread of sexual disease.'


THX 1138 - Modern Trailer

Rosemary's Baby (1968) Trailer - Modernized

Trevor Something - Come Back Down

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (SashaRussia Club Bootleg)

HIRSUTE PURSUIT: Boys Keep Swinging (Sterilized GMO Soyboy Club Mix)
Anonymous  12/01/20 Вск 07:51:58 64027
I heard that americans sterilized themselves. Never heard Russia would involve in that.
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 21:57:29 64071
>>63991 (OP)
russia rules US secrety trough russian jews. britian lost that big island long time ago. its all a show. dont worry.
.webm #3 Anonymous  22/05/18 Втр 09:50:15 33300 Ответ
Monkey with Ak [...].mp4 (9514Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:26)
Traditional webm thread
mp4's are also welcome
just video links are fine too
the previous one was there: >>18000 (OP)
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Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 03:53:36 63883
b1fe7409.mp4 (6055Кб, 854x480, 00:00:45)
aaa37d00.mp4 (8923Кб, 854x480, 00:01:54)
706780bc.mp4 (117Кб, 854x480, 00:00:03)
techno kid.webm (5708Кб, 640x480, 00:00:16)
Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 09:19:57 63888
579ccf40cb960vi[...].mp4 (4527Кб, 640x360, 00:01:01)
John Maynard Sm[...].mp4 (13144Кб, 450x360, 00:04:29)
АХСИМСЗ - Робки[...].mp4 (15004Кб, 640x360, 00:02:57)
1577849640972.mkv (455Кб, 368x656, 00:00:07)
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 16:37:35 64063
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 19:10:02 64065
Who is the whore in second webm?
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 18:47:52 64070
Rabbi Reveals S[...].mp4 (39767Кб, 854x480, 00:18:40)
My message to ru*soids Anonymous  08/01/20 Срд 18:21:01 63959 Ответ
1562090692441.jpg (2153Кб, 4200x1872)
Kys churko-mongol hordes and free 100 percent aryan crimea and kalingrad fron the neo-mongol empire of pidorashka led by putinmonkey

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Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 14:59:12 63997
This would be an accurate statement if it wasn't made in some obsolete language.
Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 16:44:04 63999
sorry i dont speaek subhuman

it means ru*sia is mongol empier 2.0 trying to destroy white race and evropa once again
Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 19:13:22 64003
I've got your irony after looking at the former mongolian empire map.
Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 09:36:47 64012
11309.png (57Кб, 500x389)
> ru*sia is mongol empier 2.0
no, fool, china is (but I'm not sure it tries to destroy anything, they're themselves deathtroyed by the same enemy you are.
15/01/20 Срд 15:23:29 64069
15768265342880.png (242Кб, 409x321)
>>63959 (OP)
>Kys churko-mongol hordes and free 100 percent aryan crimea and kalingrad fron the neo-mongol empire of pidorashka led by putinmonkey
Where did all the KC niggers go? Is a Krautchan replacement up again? Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 14:18:08 64061 Ответ
1562273410699.jpg (63Кб, 581x1024)
Where did all the KC niggers go?

Is a Krautchan replacement up again?
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 05:15:33 64067
1578844040585.png (119Кб, 929x1175)
to hell i hope
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