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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.

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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39  616   Тред прикреплён   Обсуждение закрыто   [Ответ]
(127Кб, 495x333)
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Due to ban on Nazi propaganda and symbolics, suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. Thank you for attention.

Well? Anonymous  13/12/17 Срд 05:08:52  26637   [Ответ]
nuke map.jpg (49Кб, 1113x625)

rate guy Anonymous  13/12/17 Срд 02:06:39  26632   [Ответ]
15130879383740[[...].jpg (2604Кб, 1283x1536)
rate guy
Anonymous  13/12/17 Срд 02:11:25  26633
guy or girl?
Anonymous  # OP  13/12/17 Срд 02:11:44  26634
yo >>26633
Anonymous  13/12/17 Срд 02:14:47  26635
maybe gay? this is a gay board nao
Anonymous  # OP  13/12/17 Срд 03:44:01  26636
they are heterosexual

me rate Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 02:28:46  26555   [Ответ]
15129483934950[[...].png (161Кб, 534x912)
15129483934961[[...].png (53Кб, 540x919)
me rate
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Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 21:40:10  26584
this guy is jewish, he hates gays very much. hes good boy.
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 21:50:57  26585
>>26555 (OP)
I just wonder what are YOU doing on gay dating site?
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 22:19:30  26588
hes trying to loose his russian citizenship. so he can move to europe and get his boypussy stretched.
Anonymous  # OP  11/12/17 Пнд 22:41:25  26590
Because I'm gay and I saw these screens in /ga/?
Anonymous  13/12/17 Срд 01:32:36  26631
>Because I'm gay
Damn, that's fucking gay, man!

This is communism. This is the future. This is 2018. This is the 21st century. Deal with it. https://youtu.be/AYpe-aGY9Eg Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:08:37  26607   [Ответ]
15130969865421[[...].jpg (188Кб, 734x1100)
15130968414551[[...].jpg (140Кб, 1098x1100)
15130968414540[[...].jpg (201Кб, 940x1100)
15130969865453[[...].jpg (187Кб, 1100x1100)
This is communism. This is the future. This is 2018. This is the 21st century. Deal with it.
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Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:47:28  26617
i won't have a daughter. This is the essence of the modern right
more births => more people => less wealth accumulation + less possibilities to stabilize the existing hierarchy
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:52:03  26618
they dont look russian.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:53:09  26619
your yarmulke is showing
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:58:20  26621
once tankie german decided to thoroughly analyze every man and woman declaring themselves "Russian" in their mind
all 140 millions of them, very carefully and everyone deserved same amount of attention so he didn't skip anybody
what you think? his result was: the only true and real russian in this world is Tankie German, the tankiest german in the world, a jew spending two hours a day writting posts on an unborn board nobody actually reads, the rest are non-russians who hate their own country
he didn't go to jail for this
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:47:46  26630
гусский.png (470Кб, 800x600)
this post was very funny

Bitcoin Normie mania Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:59:18  26622   [Ответ]
1443656118027.png (50Кб, 512x512)
2052.jpg (30Кб, 600x406)
>Found old Coinbase account used to buy LSD
>0.05 leftover pocket change BTC on it
>"Cool I got 1000$ worth of BTC"
>Look at Transaction history
>Paid 15 thousand dollars for a batch of LSD

Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:37:57  26629
>>26622 (OP)

Biggest Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:35:22  26616   [Ответ]
tumblrlpuvzncAp[...].jpg (122Кб, 671x800)

Russia builds the BIGGEST 374 meters skyscrapper in the europe lands.

Russia is great.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:11:28  26627
european-john-t[...].png (95Кб, 960x640)
Compensating something?
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:15:47  26628

redpill me on baikal jews Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 20:35:50  26577   [Ответ]
image.jpg (514Кб, 1920x1133)
redpill me on baikal jews
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Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 20:59:32  26580
what do you want to know ? iam shabbos goy, my masters dont have time for such nonsense.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:54:18  26620
>>26577 (OP)

go here all answers to judaism.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:00:56  26624
i don't need answers on judaism, i need answers on baikal jews, you overconfident ignorant annoying uninformed asshole
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:06:57  26625
jews are all the same everywhere, same torah, same rules. if you dont follow torah you loose being jew. so no difference actually.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 21:09:32  26626

the whole essence of being a jew is following this laws, doesnt matter where he lives.

so your whole post is pointless if you want to know about baikal jews but not judaism.

https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/novosti/v_internete_rasprostranyaetsya_vidyeo_na_kotorom_szhigayutsya_finskie_flagi/9968248 My coledens. Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 15:59:20  26606   [Ответ]
image.jpg (33Кб, 610x340)
My coledens.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:59:50  26623
vdv.jpg (245Кб, 868x551)
>>26606 (OP)
haha fuck finland dogs.

thans Anonymous  01/12/17 Птн 00:07:55  26134   [Ответ]
0[3].jpg (34Кб, 480x360)
Thanks Russians

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Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 10:01:02  26602
>poles lost 30% of their people durring nazi germany.

Thats Poles told you ? In English wikipedia it is said Poland lost 6 mln, I don't belive this numbers because war against Whermacht in 1939 was very short, and there nearly were not fighting against Soviets in 1939 (both parties had orders to try not to engage each other), the occupation regime was much softer than in USSR, and very little number of Polish citizens signed to German Army and were KIA as German or pro-German troops.

May be 6 mln made of big number of killed Jews in Poland, but I'm sure Poles themselves cleaned Jews a lot
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 10:37:57  26603
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 14:19:44  26604
>>26134 (OP)
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:28:26  26611
yes i love ukranians. whats the matter ? they are russians.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:31:54  26615
>poles only live in poland

you are smart as a bread

Достойный правитель не раздевает женщин Достойный правитель одевает женщин Anonymous  06/12/17 Срд 09:53:26  26358   [Ответ]
image.jpg (140Кб, 640x628)
Достойный правитель не раздевает женщин
Достойный правитель одевает женщин
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 21:52:59  26586
>>26358 (OP)
erdogan is good for russia, he fucks up turks good. he flood his own country with syrians. turks dying out, kurds get more, what more can you wish ?
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 22:08:28  26587
Turkey-TFR-Map.png (350Кб, 576x423)
turkish democ.png (53Кб, 1011x631)
abdullah-ocalan[...].jpg (32Кб, 620x344)
>>26358 (OP)
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 02:58:49  26598
Have you ever seen kurds? It's hard to be worse than arabs, but they managed it.
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 06:20:14  26599
Is Putin the hero middle east needs or deserves?
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 20:30:37  26613
yes, kurds are great people. i beat one up in my schooltime.

1 pic Ukraine 2 pic Russia Anonymous  07/12/17 Чтв 18:18:17  26439   [Ответ]
15125572034470[[...].jpg (92Кб, 960x568)
15125572034481[[...].jpg (69Кб, 800x533)
1 pic Ukraine
2 pic Russia
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Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 14:15:43  26509
Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 14:17:09  26510
Thx i didn't notice but this mistake is funny
Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 10:44:03  26523
00s.jpg (158Кб, 1100x733)
Ok. Buy my elka and i will go)
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 09:57:48  26601
14785006689170.jpg (66Кб, 604x449)
14855968582640.jpg (49Кб, 464x510)
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 15:43:39  26605
>>26439 (OP)

hahahahaha Anonymous  08/12/17 Птн 20:40:10  26484   [Ответ]
russia.mp4 (2511Кб, 320x240, 00:01:17)
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Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 04:14:41  26496
hahaha sure
Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 19:58:27  26514
14708530165350.webm (761Кб, 320x240, 00:00:09)
u mad /b/ro?))
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 00:06:22  26593
russija.mp4 (806Кб, 480x270, 00:00:17)
tää, huutista homo ryssille :D
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 00:47:21  26594
this is tier
Anonymous  12/12/17 Втр 02:53:15  26597
15abac56.mp4 (5240Кб, 426x240, 00:01:30)

Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 22:37:57  26589   [Ответ]
15130175475990[[...].png (293Кб, 577x410)
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 23:17:10  26591
>>26589 (OP)
we have the same stuff here.

some guy did "civi" years(it is sort of duty if you dont wanna go army)

he saw some shit in this old peoples home. old people lying down in shit and piss for weeks. nobody cares, they give them drugs. he complain a lot to his superiors about the conditions they told him "shut up you civi! you must follow the schweigepflicht"

the only reason that live expectancy is high here because they try to prospone death as long as possible. because this generates money, and old peoples care take the pensions as rent. their are different kinds of levels, depends how high your pension is.

trust me, this people arent living. they are vegetables or crazy loonatics. full of drugs.

just think about working till you are 67. and then end up in this homes, if you are lucky enough to pay for it.
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 23:21:16  26592
+ it is legal.

The Case of Russias Sexual Orientation Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 09:14:09  26497   [Ответ]
2531702.jpg (33Кб, 704x448)
In the light of recent heated discussions, I decided to create a poll. Please vote so we can understand each other in a better and more unambiguous way.


Soundtrack for the thread:

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Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 00:12:20  26521
lol how you should be concerned about gays to write shit like this
Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 22:14:34  26549
i worry only about russia. and i wanted to make some thing very clears here, russia have no gays.
Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 23:02:34  26553
why are you writing this 10 iq stuff
ach so you're tankie
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 15:24:41  26566
So true, my totally not gay comrade. I'm thinking about not becoming gay every day, this is where my Russian pride and honor stands.
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 21:32:18  26582
G-d bless you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DCIXDq_R-c Floyd investing in russia. + wanna become russian. Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 21:17:31  26581   [Ответ]
floyd-mayweathe[...].jpg (2650Кб, 1503x1127)

Floyd investing in russia. + wanna become russian.

The essence of Sucky Murrica. Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 13:24:41  26507   [Ответ]
7d6.gif (3089Кб, 640x480)
The essence of Sucky Murrica.
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Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 21:37:06  26515
15091002258440.jpg (59Кб, 720x960)
>>26507 (OP)
Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 03:49:03  26522
where's the black sabbath song
Anonymous  10/12/17 Вск 22:12:29  26548
15120425968480.jpg (358Кб, 2560x1707)
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 14:50:02  26563
a new ideology that could unite all of us
1. the usa should fuck off
2. khokhols bad
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 20:28:58  26576
1511296819719.png (47Кб, 1274x1000)
ukrainians are russians. those who pose as ukranians arent realy ukranians.

ме рейт Anonymous  07/12/17 Чтв 23:21:51  26458   [Ответ]
15126648694160[[...].png (1603Кб, 1191x842)
ме рейт
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Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 13:22:00  26505
>gay and European
No. Faggots only leave in gayropean part of country. Urals and righter are 100% naturals while muscovites sucking dicks all day long)))))
Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 21:39:04  26516
Tachanka.jpg (405Кб, 785x768)
i can confirm that
Anonymous  09/12/17 Суб 23:18:26  26519
>>26458 (OP)
Хот, пост моар
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 15:29:25  26567
>50 y.o. special forces operative
>with MG from 1946
Seems legit.
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 20:23:50  26575
tachanka boy in[...].jpg (59Кб, 700x700)

Music thread Anonymous  02/12/17 Суб 21:53:15  26200   [Ответ]
aphex.jpg (110Кб, 960x673)
It's time for new music thread, post some good music.

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bump Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 15:00:17  26564

care to share some good not club or cringy gangsta tier rap?
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 15:08:40  26565
me mentioned
care to translate???
eager to know what they talk about
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 15:34:23  26568
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 17:24:39  26569
about smuggling stuff from russia and making connections (linkkejä), but it's really tongue-in-cheek made.

Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 20:08:18  26574

Grand International Communist Thread Anonymous  24/11/17 Птн 07:56:52  25855   [Ответ]
eJwNxksOgyAQANC[...].png (88Кб, 700x350)
9348954.JPG (140Кб, 545x604)
image6.jpeg (1996Кб, 1936x2592)
lnr.jpg (95Кб, 900x506)
We discuss International communist movement and anything relative to it in this thread. We learn about glorious communism and other left-wing, materialist and not only, ideologies. We ask for advice from our comrades on how to make this thread better and cooler.
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Anonymous  06/12/17 Срд 08:35:29  26352
14912141007170.png (362Кб, 807x486)
Idealism is much more tolerable than subjectivism.
Anonymous  06/12/17 Срд 08:49:54  26354
wash pants op))
Anonymous  06/12/17 Срд 09:02:54  26356
11.png (107Кб, 450x557)
True that, we have no differences on that point.
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 19:25:04  26572
Sup from world bastion of socialism - Republic of Belarus - the only truly good state. Glory to Lukashenka, glory to socialism, clory to Belarus!
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 19:28:45  26573
What was your socialist Bela-Cola today?

.webm #2 Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:00:58  18000   [Ответ]
Обезьяна с авто[...].webm (2227Кб, 400x224, 00:00:35)
предыдущий: >>6902 (OP)
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Anonymous  02/12/17 Суб 08:45:28  26190
15119938429600.webm (8138Кб, 960x540, 00:01:09)
15120023150080.webm (3856Кб, 480x360, 00:02:56)
1511529781684.webm (2855Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:27)
NapalmDeath-You[...].webm (63Кб, 320x240, 00:00:02)
Anonymous  05/12/17 Втр 23:10:27  26311
1512492327419.webm (1990Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:10)
Anonymous  06/12/17 Срд 14:49:06  26371
15112664962540.webm (1207Кб, 636x480, 00:00:14)
1501923521316.jpg (313Кб, 980x551)
15121473342926.webm (9918Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:15)
JYisDfM2cjA.jpg (209Кб, 1249x718)
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 18:50:01  26570
14997289435010.webm (606Кб, 640x640, 00:00:04)
14989316827380.webm (16162Кб, 854x480, 00:02:24)
14984785118200.webm (14741Кб, 640x360, 00:02:23)
14970350315100.webm (3740Кб, 640x360, 00:00:36)
Anonymous  11/12/17 Пнд 18:58:25  26571
14999753059960.webm (9564Кб, 960x540, 00:01:05)
14960921663831.webm (9766Кб, 854x480, 00:01:29)
14988559956150.webm (8041Кб, 960x540, 00:01:16)
15003345858240.webm (1430Кб, 640x360, 00:00:30)

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