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Crocodile Genas Song and Russian Language Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 21:01:00 73937 Ответ
gena.jpg 11Кб, 480x360
Hello everyone, greetings from Peru. I'm learning Russian as a hobby, and I like singing songs in languages I learn. Some time ago I discovered this song, called Birthday Song, and I think it's a very nice song. I finally recorded myself singing it. Hope you guys like it.

If you have any tips regarding learning Russian, it would be appreciated. Especially if there are similar songs to this one. Take care.
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Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 04:11:20 74357
The song Choonga-Chunga says nothing about big cities and electricity. It says about hot climate, bananas and coconuts, songs, fun and constant hapiness. But you like most russians have a stereotype and associate all this stuff with retardacy and backwardness.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 18:35:34 74440
Ahaha, i have never thought about this song like you. You are probably right, thanks for the explanation.
Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 07:15:37 74471
Being a judge sounds nice, but I don't think I want to be one. I prefer independent work after I finish school. To be a judge here you need work experience and seniority. I've been told they pay very well tho.

I've already played the first two Metro games: 2033 and 2034. I haven't played the last one since my PC cannot handle it well. Russian has a pretty good fantasy literature besides the Metro Universe and I'd like to discover it all. The more I can understand, the better. Also, thanks for the recommendations. One game I'd like to play is the STALKER series. Have you played it?

Awesome. New songs are always welcome. Thanks for the recommendations! Btw, I've seen you here posting several times. Do you know Russian too?
Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 10:54:08 74481
Maaaaaaaaaaaan, it`s so cute. Keep going!
Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 18:10:49 74503
Yeah, I have played but I don't like Stalker. Stalker shadow of chernobyl, the first part of game series, was released in 2007 when i was 6 years boy without computer so i couldn't play it ( I got PC when i was 10 and Stalker has been no longer on hype). I was trying to play Stalker 2-3 years ago and I found it boring and not interesting at all. Metro 2033 was one of the first game i have ever played and it has scared me very much and fascinated me at one time.
obe von graff - hiphop ist krieg Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 04:25:40 72069 Ответ
obe.jpg 83Кб, 1000x1000
im looking for the video of russian rapper obe von graff for the track hiphop ist krieg

does anyone here have it
Anonymous  24/12/20 Чтв 01:15:05 72217
udmurt girl? Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 01:56:15 68979 Ответ
7e89u.mp4 7031Кб, 854x480, 00:01:31
by looks yes
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Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 20:31:38 69267
image.png 1465Кб, 1070x806
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 12:13:54 69306
>>68979 (OP)
She is so perfect! This is great to travel in the back of a truck through a rural area. I wish I was there, not in this brick box I have been spending this year. This video made me feel even worse then before.
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 12:54:42 69307
I wish it were me who she suggested to walk along the bank of the Volga river together.
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 13:55:41 69309
55095n.jpg 67Кб, 682x1024
Anonymous  21/02/21 Вск 23:52:54 76856
>>68979 (OP)
I wish I could get a blowjob from her, no joke
How do Russians feel about the fact that we're destroying their outdated Soviet shit equipment in Libya, Syria and Karabagh? Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 20:00:10 69767 Ответ
image.png 768Кб, 600x733
How do Russians feel about the fact that we're destroying their outdated Soviet shit equipment in Libya, Syria and Karabagh?
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Anonymous  20/10/20 Втр 06:13:03 69921
Anonymous  20/10/20 Втр 07:46:58 69923
RedJoke Type Perdogun is mad.
Anonymous  20/10/20 Втр 14:15:21 69929
Anonymous  21/10/20 Срд 02:18:59 69933
Okatysh please. Sure it's heaven there and hell here, but you are offending OP by being a bigger patriot of Turkey then he is.
Anonymous  21/10/20 Срд 23:49:05 69951
How hard is it to go back to Russia if your parents are from USSR (the Ukraine) 50 years ago? Tired of niggers, gay people, and brown people here. Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 03:16:17 73337 Ответ
1610173087119.png 819Кб, 703x869
How hard is it to go back to Russia if your parents are from USSR (the Ukraine) 50 years ago?

Tired of niggers, gay people, and brown people here.
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Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 10:18:39 73414
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 12:36:53 73609
>>73337 (OP)
Not really worth it tbh, all cities are cesspools in russia, countryside only good if you build something good yourself there, and protect yourself from alcoholic bydlo. Have you tried rural america?
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 12:38:11 73610
Everything you say is a lie.
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 16:18:59 73616
He said many things. What exactly was a lie? Please elaborate if you can, or take your words back and apologize.
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 17:35:11 73628
>you can live off with 1 job in russia easier then usa with 2 jobs
>also earilier retirement
$150 pension and if you healthy enough to stay alive you'll get $300 from 80 years
>free study
shit study
>organic cheap food
Same price as in the USA and all food is a shit with palm oil.
>>73337 (OP)
>go back to Russia
>if your parents are from USSR (the Ukraine)
Are you retarded hohljatskij podsvinok?
Reddit Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 16:24:26 65698 Ответ
ca38938.jpg 891Кб, 985x1296
What worthy subreddits can you advise?
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Пропущено 6 постов.
Anonymous  08/08/20 Суб 04:39:23 68234
Anonymous  08/08/20 Суб 04:49:04 68235
Anonymous  08/08/20 Суб 12:54:43 68247
Anonymous  08/08/20 Суб 13:15:31 68248
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 00:56:43 68680
German Intelligence Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 21:15:01 68613 Ответ
proxy-image.jpg 67Кб, 800x765
Do the German intelligence services surveil this board?

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Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:37:09 70688
Have you guys ever being arrested or had problems with the police for your shitposting on internet? I was once arrested by the police because I LARPed as an ISIS terrorist on some forums
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:40:35 70691
>ISIS terrorist on some forums
i do that all my life. i have like 50-60 personas lol people never know who i realy am.
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:21:45 70717
Western social media doesn't provide freedom of speech
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 06:21:33 70743
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 06:33:36 70744
nigger indeed
Do Russians understand what it is like to live in a police state? Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 05:01:11 68894 Ответ
Oh no.PNG 1267Кб, 756x1010
Do Russians understand what it is like to live in a police state?
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Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 13:15:55 70330
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 14:53:12 70332
Oh that's what informed medical options means. Yes I guess they do.
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 22:11:13 70345
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 22:35:36 70357
15961987504590.png 513Кб, 780x500
15961987504631.png 1956Кб, 1280x853
Translate pleasi)
Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 18:54:38 70529

Ад не такое веселое место, чтобы прокладывать туда себе дорогу
Would you like to be my bf, anon? I will do everything if you agree to take me to you Anonymous  25/07/20 Суб 21:40:50 68000 Ответ
IMG2020615293441.jpg 159Кб, 720x960
Would you like to be my bf, anon? I will do everything if you agree to take me to you

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Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 18:05:33 73319
>>68000 (OP)
bf, as in boyfriend?
Let me guess, you're 20.
This would mean, you're still not settling for less, so even if i get to fuck you, you're just stepping on my head to get the better one.
"Thanks anon, bye"
Let's say, you're 30 or 40. You've got a kid. You're getting desperate.
You search for better life standard for you and your kid.
You still got it and you'll use my support to get a foot over here. Then, if i haven't anchored you by money, you'll search for something else, better than me.
You'll still hate me with all of your guts, but you'll have no other choice. You will settle to accept me or lose everything you brought with you.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 19:22:13 73321
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 15:26:46 73359
>>68000 (OP)
if you were able to shit without taking off sweater i would agree.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 22:43:27 73474
It's the situation with my parents though. 20 years of jail called family.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 23:35:18 73475
he propably is talking about me. he always call me shizo
Двощ сломался Anonymous  05/08/20 Срд 00:41:56 68184 Ответ
image.png 478Кб, 720x549
Меня определяет как бриташку, не пускает на борду, шо делать?
рб как бэ
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Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 12:21:12 69208
садись на бутылку
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 00:27:17 69356
Сейчас посмотрю какой флаг и выйду. Всего-лишь. Спасибо
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 00:28:04 69357
там дефис не нужен был, но ладно
Мы из Украины, простите
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 15:44:11 69364
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 16:35:56 69365
444-4442058pepe[...].png 34Кб, 820x564
Вот, даже украинец знает, что дефис не нужен. Какой молодец. А то развели безграмотность, плюнуть некуда.
The mediterranean master race! Anonymous  # OP 09/09/20 Срд 07:58:54 68917 Ответ
mediterraneans.jpg 987Кб, 4988x646
The mediterranean master race!
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:19:33 68939
600x600bb.jpg 40Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  10/09/20 Чтв 14:01:53 68952
>>68917 (OP)

>The mediterranean master cuisine!


become Rich Anonymous  # OP 13/02/21 Суб 00:35:48 74818 Ответ
170306r29510.jpg 285Кб, 2401x1201
"Putin has 500 billion dollars" according to Kasparov and Navalny
thats lots of money
will you do also?
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Anonymous  13/02/21 Суб 22:15:20 74844
main-qimg-4228a[...].jpg 81Кб, 850x400
I never could win my dad (who read books with combinations)
And my friend won him twice with the same combination (my dad said "wow, nice combination, I have to remember it!")
The only great chess player is picrelated (and he's also a retard)
Anonymous  13/02/21 Суб 22:32:02 74846
quote-anybody-g[...].jpg 51Кб, 850x400
Playing chess is most useless skill ever.
Anonymous  13/02/21 Суб 23:18:09 74847
Better than solving the Rubik's cube.
Anonymous  13/02/21 Суб 23:20:14 74848
Anonymous  13/02/21 Суб 23:30:24 74850
Do Russians like Assad? Anonymous  24/12/20 Чтв 00:46:25 72213 Ответ
hug.jpg 84Кб, 1136x852
Do Russians like Assad?
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Пропущено 21 постов, 9 с картинками.
Anonymous  25/01/21 Пнд 09:15:14 73817
бимбоунитаз.png 827Кб, 730x1197
Бимбоунитаз Рос[...].png 1312Кб, 1178x2134
Бимбоунитаз.png 762Кб, 1140x848
Бимбоунитаз Джа[...].png 279Кб, 833x1136
Anonymous  25/01/21 Пнд 19:23:12 73852
>>72213 (OP)
No. He is a british oftalmologist, iykwim, and the Syrian war only protescts EU interests, so they would not have to deal with ISIS themselves, including ISIS agents, placed all around their land by USA.

Why do we defend EU, after all their projects towards Russians, including napoleo invasion, Krymean war, ww1, bolshevism, ww2, perestroyka and humanitarian bombings of Yugoslavia?

There is no good will between us. It's war in exchange for promises, that will all be betrayed again. In medieval times they at least payed the state in gold for Russian troops work.
Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 15:11:12 73922
Russians love almost every shitty dictator there is.
Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 16:09:43 73927
mysecrethentai.mp4 8006Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:54
16110770129130.mp4 8746Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:44
Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 16:59:07 73928
My friend was a frequent poster here. You may know him as Croatia. He killed himself. Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 22:22:58 69768 Ответ
IMG202002021633[...].jpg 90Кб, 1280x1280
My friend was a frequent poster here. You may know him as Croatia.

He killed himself.

So if your wondering where one of the fellow autists gone off to, he went 2 heaven all by himself.

In the end were all still people, wishing the best for all fellow heros.

F big rips buddy
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Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 19:09:52 70169
1591455790086.jpg 24Кб, 385x385
that croatian who launched a discord server for int?
Anonymous  02/11/20 Пнд 06:07:40 70233
>>69768 (OP)
>My friend
Who do you think you chiting with? He said number of time he has no friends.
Anonymous  02/11/20 Пнд 07:48:32 70234
I didn't know him since I'm new here. But I feel your pain. Please tell some stories so we'll remember the moments you lived together. He will forever live in our hearts.
Anonymous  02/11/20 Пнд 09:01:39 70237
I really fuckin hate you emotional faggots
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 12:47:15 70326
Yes. Even when you pass away, Putin turns back you to life and punish. Completely true. Don't kill yourself ever, cuz you were born to suffer. Shouldn't deceive the system.
How to get into proper Vodka drinking? Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 23:45:30 73536 Ответ
grafik.png 399Кб, 1000x1500
How do I drink Vodka properly? What do I need? Obviously I first need to buy a bottle of vodka. Which brand for example? Then the next question: I don't have vodka glasses. Should I buy new glasses just for vodka? Do I eat anything with Vodka or just drink it? Are there any other things I should be aware of?
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Пропущено 7 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 12:27:27 73607
>>73536 (OP)
Open the lid on your toilet, take off the cap, tilt at 90 degrees, with the top down until it's empty, flush.
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 16:50:39 73618
intro-1580240935.jpg 74Кб, 1000x562
>>73536 (OP)
Russian culture of drinking vodka pre soviets meant, that you have to drink it with normal food. Not snacks or smth, but together with meal like steak, fish, fries, etc. During dinner or (if you have a free day) lunch. Vodka has to be served cold, you have to drink it by shots, not glasses. Like tequila or smth, pic related. We call it "ryumka".
Soviets has lost this culture, so by soviet standarts you can just drink vodka by glasses, mugs anytime, anywhere.
I can't suggest you a specific brand, since I barely drink alcohol (unless I have to, like holiday or party, where everyone drinks).
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 17:22:16 73626
4FBA1466-A158-4[...].jpeg 88Кб, 770x511
3CAEBAA2-8F6D-4[...].jpeg 170Кб, 1024x768
It's always been the same for centuries: boiled potatoes, green onions, and herring. Sliced. + whatever you want
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 17:45:35 73633
8F36B7C7-9530-4[...].jpeg 126Кб, 636x900
In winter time, pickles, sauerkraut, and chopped onions are added to this.
And, on festive occasions, red caviar on white bread with butter or with blins.
This is also super traditional. And pretty good for my taste
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 18:12:13 73638
FA157647-8610-4[...].jpeg 321Кб, 866x577
Of course I'm talking about salted herring. Which is a truly exceptional vodka accompaniment.
>2k20 >not to be orthodox bruh Anonymous  22/07/20 Срд 18:35:49 67885 Ответ
оригинал.jpg 121Кб, 1024x768
>not to be orthodox
Anonymous  22/07/20 Срд 22:33:42 67910

>not to be salafi muslim
Anonymous  22/07/20 Срд 23:37:36 67922
Russia and America friends for life Anonymous  19/08/20 Срд 14:33:58 68526 Ответ
hx7W0bO.jpg 172Кб, 1225x1171
Long live Russian and American friendship
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Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 21:16:24 68614
>>68526 (OP)
Russia and America both occupied Germany for many years. Russia knew when it was time to go. Amerimutts stayed on here. What is wrong with them?
Anonymous  23/08/20 Вск 22:44:43 68661
putin bomb thailand alhamdulillah hadi görüşürz bye bye
Anonymous  24/08/20 Пнд 06:14:48 68668
Anonymous  24/08/20 Пнд 07:00:49 68669
static-assets-u[...].webp 80Кб, 800x600
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 03:29:55 68689
As long as they leave their money here ...
(。◕ ω◕ 。) Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 08:47:18 69080 Ответ
T023R750x750M00[...].jpg 38Кб, 750x408
(。 ω 。)
Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 10:23:33 69081
1591979022425.jpg 41Кб, 536x440
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 21:55:09 69100
renaissancebyal[...].jpg 57Кб, 1600x900
isischaninminec[...].jpg 124Кб, 1600x900
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 22:56:24 69103
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 19:10:12 69180
download.jpeg 7Кб, 224x224
Абу Тальха
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:01:53 69186
Guess her age. Anonymous  05/10/20 Пнд 09:07:19 69513 Ответ
116353837290688[...].jpg 183Кб, 1080x1345
116223590155455[...].jpg 156Кб, 1080x1349
7A2AD4DC-FF2F-4[...].JPG 164Кб, 1000x1500
Guess her age.
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Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 13:09:14 70328
She is 8 y.o., but sick progeria. Shouldn't jerk off if you don't want to be imprisoned. Keep off this thread.

Tovarisch major itt
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 22:55:36 70368
Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 06:12:21 70462
48 blyat.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 20:21:36 73029
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 21:46:10 73033
>>69513 (OP)
old enough to already have at least 2 or 3 white babies instead of being a slut
I am Russian black from Germany ---------- Я русский негр из Германии. Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:22:38 71981 Ответ
iStock-53545383[...].jpg 188Кб, 1000x667
I am Russian black from Germany
Я русский негр из Германии. Мой папа черный русский живет в России. Русские дети меня обзывали, я переехал с мамой в 14 лет в Германию. Тут у меня есть много друзей. Русские никогда не будут дружить с тобой если ты выглядишь не так как они хотят того. Русские дети которое говорит мне возвращайся домой в джунгли. Но моя родина это Москва. Русские дети расисты.
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Пропущено 27 постов, 11 с картинками.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 12:13:40 72413
image.png 246Кб, 1024x512
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 01:50:06 72446
everything this girls says is correct, german goverment gets money for refugees. its a business.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 18:55:59 72483
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 10:29:38 72490
Sorry, I had only one. Of course you wanted more.
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 11:22:15 72491
bannana phone.jpg 4Кб, 205x246
Its a bananna phone with commudicade to moscow.
Can you confirm what he sais is according to the subtitles? Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 00:40:20 70902 Ответ
The Emperor.jpg 68Кб, 474x259
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Пропущено 6 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 02:44:24 70924
>wtf is there to disagree?
i think russia should not try to be "europian" or "asian" russia should stay russian and isolate itself in order to heal. opening itself to europe or asia is like opening a wound by cutting itself with a knife so the germs and bacteria can enter the body. it is crucial for human survivial that russia should rule the world instead of becoming partners or collegues with other nations in equal level. russia must be the master and all others must be slaves.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 03:15:39 70928
1605734976953.jpg 42Кб, 652x733
>isolate itself in order to heal
What makes you think it is healthy to stay in the XIX century when the world around us moves towards XXIInd? Anything other than your brainworms?
Are you one of these faggots who believe it's supercool to keep traditions and moral norms from the previous millenia up to this day?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 11:44:31 70934
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:15:18 70936
>He's just a puppet in the hands of the jewish goverment and businessmen.
But he is not an american president, he basically owns Russia, all
jewish goverment and businessmen.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:17:40 70937
>He's just a puppet in the hands of the jewish goverment and businessmen.
But he is not an american president, he basically owns Russia, all
>jewish goverment and businessmen.
are either his friends or he can threaten them with justice (all judges will do what he tells them to do) or novichok)
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