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Check this out!
Id like to hear the 2chan manlets opinion about this man. Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 11:37:58 730081
kadyrov.jpg 195Кб, 1313x1189
Id like to hear the 2chan manlets opinion about this man.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 12:17:15 730092
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 18:58:57 730183
congrats you're the only one who dared to comment on my fedpost.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 19:04:12 730224
Basaev.jpg 36Кб, 624x336
>>73008 (OP)
i prefer this guy at least hes honest enemy. i respect those who fight till the end. i respect all brave chechens who fight against russia inside their territory, this why russia could genocide them much quicker and have peacefull kavkaz.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 21:43:55 730325
>>73008 (OP)
he's cool...he keeps he keeps his containment area (Chechnya) pacified and he is pretty based, Russians have a lot to learn with him when it comes to social issues. He forbade Chechen women from using social networks, if that is not based and an example to follow i don't know what is.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 21:51:06 730346
>forbade women from using social media
nothing is more based than that porto bro. Would be cool seeing him become russian president in the future.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 22:16:30 730387
>>73008 (OP)
Inbred subhuman. Hopefully with the impending collapse of neoliberalism, Jewtin gives all the jihad churkas the Circassian treatment.

Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 22:58:48 730408
Man with a very complicated personal story. The history of his clan teip is way more complicated.

He just skims the cream off the Chechen Republic (read: Russian funds) while he's able. In late 90s, Russia has bet on Kadyrov teip to establish peace in Chechnya. That was a lucky bet, Ramzan's father has become loyal to Russia and and so was Ramzan from the very beginning. Hovewer, people of his clan has made a lot of enemies and if it weren't for Ramzan and his power, we would probably get another local civil massacre. The way he sets his own power is money and violence. He also even holds his own little army. What for? Where does he get funds to pay salaries?

He's a bad person but he surely could do better if he weren't stuck in lack of education and errrr.... views in general.

I' started to google to recall some shit and oh wow

>A mosque named after Ramzan Kadyrov was laid in the capital of Chechnya.
>8 hours ago
Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 18:30:00 730969
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 01:57:15 7312610
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 18:09:47 7315711
>>73008 (OP)
Monkey, dictator, occupier, corrupt official, bribe taker, murderer, religious fanatic.
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 19:17:23 7315912
How much would a person know about a federal subject many hundreds kilometers away they never visited?
How many names of any other governors of federal subjects do they know besides Sobyanin and Kadyrov?
People saying stupid shit like this >>73157 are reproducing what liberal ethno-nationalist YouTubers and media say to them.
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 22:24:03 7316513
Hi is literally nothing just a puppet bought by the Kremlin to keep the rest of Islamic-mountain-Jewish-Nazi savages in relative peace. Subj just wants to remain irreplaceable as long as possible, so he just resists adopting legal institutions and laws and covers slavery, kidnapping and cutting off heads and continues to keeps his nation fanatical, uneducated and dark. The Caucasus is actually a separate state where Russian laws do not apply.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:05:59 7316714
I don't get it though. How does he even justify the fact that he publicly supports Russia, a country that went to war twice with Chechens during which they committed pretty crazy crimes. Makes no sense
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:08:29 7316815
Who committed crazy crimes, the chechens or the russians?
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:16:15 7316916
From what I learned about it, both. Russians razing villages to the ground and causing unnecessary casualties and Chechens doing cartel level harm to russian prisoners
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:27:29 7317017
russians, we are more brutal and creative. they usually behead/shoot people. we trow them from helicopters, tie to tanks, rape to death and such stuff. we dont record it tho.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 01:17:22 7317518
I saw a video posted here before from the chechen war, where armed men forced a civilian women to strip and masturbate with a bottle. Was this russians doing this to a chechen?
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 01:18:44 7317619
From Russia there was just mom's sons and children just picked up from under their mothers' skirts and never shot before at Chechen War.
There are many Islamists here, so don't trust everyone
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 02:22:01 7317820
Add a little ethnic cleansing to the mix and you got the Chechen war. Things were crazy back then. And now, I'm amazed that a Chechen such as Kadyrov rose up to the throne to lick Putin's ass knowing what the Russians did during the wars. I thought the population at least would harbour some resentment towards their overlords but it seems like they're fine with Russia's dick hanging over their heads like a Damocles sword.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 04:12:36 7318121
Ramzan has got the whole kingdom because of his memory issues, that's the thing.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 07:16:08 7318422
89bac04b-07eb-4[...].jpg 619Кб, 2048x1800
fad32cb9-8fdf-4[...].jpg 109Кб, 584x585
изображение.png 347Кб, 1025x495
изображение.png 272Кб, 919x679
>>73008 (OP)
Brave hero, true patriot, the worst enemy of terrorism, he protects peace with his own hands, has six daughters and six sons two of whom are adopted.
He receives lots of bad words from fake liberals because:
1. They are ethno-nationalists who can't stand people of many ethnic groups. "Stop feeding the Caucasus" is their (misleading) slogan.
2. Terrorists in Russia are "freedom fighters" and "rebels" to Western media. The West celebrates terrorist attacks on Russian cities. So, it makes Kadyrov the enemy of "freedom fighters" in the eye of the West. Fake liberals follow their masters' rhetoric.
3. Kadyrov is an honest man who harshly criticizes the West for its crimes and malicious actions. He is intelligent and well-read, and has a lot to say, and he posts it on his social media page.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 11:49:20 7318823
Based answer, you seem like the most educated Russian on this site.
I fully agree with you.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 11:51:56 7318924
Hey NL=bro, the worst crimes against humanity were comitted by the Russians of course, killed over 300k civilians including 42k children. I'm not really suprised that the rebels cut off a few heads here and there. Also the Russian army conscripted prisoners, veterans, and other scum, not just fresh conscripts like the russkis tell you here in the comments.

If the Russians hate the north caucasus let them be free it's their only wish, they lived and kept to themselves for thousands of years. But the Russkis will use "we have islamists on our borders" which is not true since these mountain peoples are secular and paganist, Islam just helped them when the world abandoned them.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 12:15:51 7319125
relogin, stupid chechenbot
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 15:21:35 7319626
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 16:30:09 7320127
Sorry, does it seem that you try to accuse Netherlands in poorness living in Portugal?
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 16:45:22 7320228
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 18:05:17 7320829

“Putin has a special relationship with Kadyrov,” says a Kremlin official close to Putin. “This is, of course, a rather strange system. Well, the head of the region cannot consider only Putin as his authority and no one else. It is a very crooked system, but it has developed that way. "
Ramzan Kadyrov's Instagram also constantly emphasizes: the head of Chechnya owes his political career only to Vladimir Putin. In 2011, in an interview with Chechen television, Putin was unexpectedly honest about the story of his relationship with the Kadyrov family.
“When I met him, the first impression was: does he know how to talk at all, because he growled mostly in reply something inarticulate” - this is how Putin recalled his first acquaintance with Ramzan's father, Akhmat Kadyrov, the mufti of Chechnya, to whom he made a bet at the beginning of his presidency.
To stop the war, Putin tried to translate it to a local level: to make sure that the division into friends and foes did not take place along the line "Russians against Chechens", but along the line "Chechens against Chechens." Akhmat Kadyrov agreed to head the pro-Russian government of Chechnya and in general coped with it.
“I watched in amazement as he revealed himself,” Putin continued in an interview with Chechen television [62]. - When he really started to work, I was surprised to look at the TV screen: how and what he says, how clearly he grasps the essence of the events, how directly and clearly formulates his attitude. It was a discovery for me. "
It was at the request of Kadyrov's father that Putin drew attention to Kadyrov's son: “Initially, this was done at the request of Akhmat-Haji. He told me: "Look closely, the guy is good, promising." But he never asked to make his son the leader of the republic, did not lobby him anywhere, did not drag him. " And Ramzan Kadyrov, who worked as the head of his father's security, surprised Putin too: “Ramzan is doing it, and it is doing well. To be honest, I did not expect that he would take up such an active economic activity. I was in Grozny and repeatedly saw the state of the city after the end of hostilities. Well, Stalingrad is simple. When I walked between the ruins, my first thought was: "Is it possible to restore it, and if possible, when?" And he took it and did it. And that was amazing to me. Well done! I thought he only knew how to run around the mountains with a machine gun - but no, ”Putin praised the head of Chechnya.
In fact, a pact was concluded between Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov. From the very first days, the young Chechen leader told the Russian president that from now on he considered him his father and was ready to give his life for him. These words warmed Putin's soul, and in exchange for personal loyalty, he gave Kadyrov Jr. the maximum carte blanche. Firstly, these were huge subsidies for the restoration of the republic (according to official data, from 15 to 20 billion rubles a year). According to the "Chechen dossier" published by Wikileaks, written by the former US ambassador to Russia, William Burns, up to a third of the financial aid received by the republic was taken by Kadyrov. Secondly, Kadyrov got the opportunity to get rid of all his political rivals (their weak point was that they did not swear personal loyalty to Putin).
The two most dangerous opponents of Kadyrov were the Yamadayev brothers. Both were killed in 2008-2009. It is symbolic that the eldest, Ruslan Yamadayev, a former State Duma deputy from Chechnya, was shot in front of the White House, that is, the working residence of Putin, who at that time was the prime minister.
In September 2008, Yamadaev's car stopped at a traffic light on Smolenskaya embankment, a killer approached it and shot Yamadaev point-blank. The second passenger of the car survived. A few months later, the killer was arrested. By a strange coincidence, even the name of the killer turned out to be the same as the name of the alleged killer Boris Nemtsov seven years later - Dadaev. Just a namesake. The names of those who ordered the killers of Ruslan Yamadaev were not named by the investigation.
Six months after Ruslan Yamadayev, his younger brother Sulim was killed in Dubai. The investigative bodies of the UAE turned out to be more successful than the Russian ones: they also arrested the perpetrators of the murder (one of whom was Ramzan Kadyrov's personal groom), and also named the customer - the right hand of Kadyrov, a State Duma deputy from Chechnya. The killers were sentenced to life in prison. True, after two years the term was reduced to 27 months and they returned from Dubai to Chechnya.

google translated from "All the Kremlin Crowd" by Mikhail Zygar
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 19:33:21 7321930
why are you pretending to be Dutch mr. Butthurt Belter?
he is a butthurt belter mr. Poor Vatnik...
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 00:50:27 7323531
both, chechens did to russian women and russians did to chechen women and men too :D(we are lil bit gay)
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 00:54:15 7323632
hes not belter hes chechen diaspora in nederlands.-
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 15:37:48 7325833
You mean the ones and the sons of the ones who ran with their tails between their legs and are now running their mouth off from thousands of kilometers away?
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 00:31:24 7328434
yes, but i cant blame him. russian military is a monster no one can mess with except the Most High
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 05:16:50 7329035
>Chechnya is one of the most orderly and less corrupt republics of the RU
AHAHAHA, you fucking retard.
Its like completely opposite. Chechnya is famous for tortures and kidnapping. Their whole government is a family clan. They have nothing, produce nothing and so fucking far from your description.
>whole of Russia was like Chechnya, the JEWlluminati would be on it's knees by now.
I fukken lold. You clearly have 0 idea who you are talking about. You would pray to get your jewluminati back to save you from radical, uneducated, aggressive tribes of barbaric muslims, who consider you a subhuman. You little islamic cocksucker.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 05:39:06 7329436
>worst crimes against humanity were comitted by the Russians of course,
Ah, good old times. Yeah, happened a few times. Pretty much like your colonial politics, but in a lesser degree.
>I'm not really suprised that the rebels cut off a few heads here and there
Sooo, your past gives an excuse to niggers and immigrants, who rape your hot NL women? Stop being a cuck, please. Even if you won't, you can let niggers and muslims do whatever they want with you, but don't try to make me a degenerate, like you are.
>Also the Russian army conscripted prisoners, veterans, and other scum
When? Where? What? Maybe few prisoners could receive some offers, but that was never done en masse. And why veterans are a scum?
>which is not true since these mountain peoples are secular and paganist, Islam just helped them when the world abandoned them.
How the fuck this shit makes "islamists on our borders" a lie, you uneducated dipshit? Now you will go and google the official ideology of an independent caucasus, called "Caucasus emirate". Spoiler: official part of ISIS.
Jesus fuck, could you read something on the topic, before shitposting your retarded lefty liberal propaganda, that protects poor, little fucking terrorists?
Those countries concerted to islam long before the russian rule.
Only reason of Kadyrov rule is that he holds down even more radical and dangerous scumbags.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 09:39:17 7329737
Bombs-over-Libya.jpg 21Кб, 500x494
> your past gives an excuse
It's not their past but their present. Why would you think there are refugees? NATO's countries devastate their countries with wars and starvation sanctions. Europe took over a million of refugees, but there are over ten million people displaced by the USA pursuing its national interests in their homes. The US imperialist ambitions created the situation when millions of Ukrainian citizens had to move to Russia, over a million of whom are refugees from Donbass.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 10:56:34 7329838
woah calm down vlad, our colonial past was far more humane than yours. But I have to admit the Russian Empire was far more humane than all the next regimes, Soviet Union and Russian Federation. But Dutch colonial past was not bad and it's not an excuse to take in refugees.

The only reason we have refugees and immigrants is because we are a civilized country that can help those in need. Immigrants and refugees in the Netherlands are grateful to be here and respect our laws and traditions and culture.

The radical islam and caucasus emirate entirely was funded by FSB, Go read what Alexander Litvinenko had to say. Never compare your barbaric backwards non europe shithole country full of mongol/turkic DNA to my glorious West European country.

Next time before you send FSB theories to win this argument, I work in intelligence myself russki. Now go wash my toilet.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 12:14:06 7330139
>delusional fantasies
Nice shitpost.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 16:00:32 7331040
>Chechnya is famous for tortures and kidnapping
you sound like one of those pederasts that work in Western "think tanks" dedicated to bashing Russia and China. Go to Los Angeles and live in the middle of the bums, faggots and niggers while paying 1000$ a month for an apartment the size of a shoe box if you worship God America so much
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 16:49:52 7331441
1608027341236.png 293Кб, 1254x786
>woah calm down vlad, our colonial past was far more humane than yours
Slavery? Rawagade massacre? Andi Monji? Here is an article about the famous dutch amnesia on crimes you made:
>and Russian Federation.
Nah, Russian Federation is quite cucked, you don't know a shit, boy. Google something on the subject, please. Did you know, that RF agreed to give chechnya independence? Did you know, that chechnya as a whole wasn't supporting separation on 100%, so a project with splitting chechnya at 2 parts appeared (independent part is a bigger one), so people who didn't want independence could live in RF? Did you know, that chechnya agreed, but changed its mind? Did you know, that first people, who were killed by independent chechens were chechens, who wanted to live in RF and protested against independence?
No, you don't know a shit. Real world is complicated, but you stream those bullshit simplistic views with good freedom fighters and bad imperial RF.
>The only reason we have refugees and immigrants is because we are a civilized country that can help those in need
You massacred indonesia, set your bullshit rule everywhere by force and murders, you are a part of the forces, who destroy a homelands of immigrants so they are coming to you and hating you.. You hide behind lies on chemical attacks and terrorism, you are do full of shit. Two-faced hypocrite, yelling about justice and good, while doing fucking nothing except accepting a few people from a house, that you destroyed as a part of western forces.
>backwards non europe
I would wish to, honestly. I don't want to consider myself a western european.
>full of mongol/turkic DNA
There are map with dna. Google it. You ll be surprised by fact, french are a lot closer to turks.
>Next time before you send FSB theories
FSB theories. Yeah, FSB sponsors terrorism and fights it in a same time. FSB pays Kadyrov to hold terrorists and pay terrirists to fight Kadyrov. You are truly a genius, to believe in you truthful truth.
>I work in intelligence myself russki.
Cleaning toilets or smth?
You are not. I write long posts, but I cut off a tons of info anyway. You are simply wrong all around.
>Now go wash my toilet.
1. You use muslims for that, after destroying their homes.
2. Fun thing, how you preach about justice and good will, but in a same time accuse me of having shit DNA and tell me to clean toilets. Thats a great example of who you really are.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 17:10:18 7331642
images (3).jpeg 7Кб, 170x297
>you sound like one of those pederasts that work in Western "think tanks" dedicated to bashing Russia
Ohhh, boy!
There is a telegram channel called 1ADAT/IADAT. It was dedicated to critising Kadyrov's corruption and behaviour. Chechen powers have managed to find one 19 year old moderator from this channel, kidnapped him to Kadyrov's enforcers base, undressed him and made him to apologise and SIT ON A BOTTLE (representation of anal rape). Here is a pic from this video, can find a whole vid if you want.
Guy's name is Salman Tepsurkaev.
Here is an article in opposition media, you can use google translate to translate a whole page, if you really want to.
Here is another media, caucasus only news:
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 17:16:24 7331743
fucking based!...if only Putin was half as based. Bitch boy was lying and talking shit so bitch boy got treated like a bitch boy
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 17:44:53 7331844
Yeah, cool, except I've seen posts in this channel and he was not lying. Btw, he only moderated the chat.
For example, last series of posts before the kidnaption, were on the situation: Kadyrov's guys has killed some dude and told, that he killed himself. Family of the dead dude required second independent examination of his body. Kadyrov got mad and yelled, that his family dishonour the dead dude by messing with his body, accused them and insulted. 1ADAT pointed that out, since all proofs were from official media.
But anyway. Just think a bit and tell me. Is this an order you would like to live with? Kidnaptions and tortures? Or you prefer to hail it from afar and feel better with good old judges, courts and police?
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 20:35:11 7332445
you have any other options ?
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 20:59:08 7332946
>Is this an order you would like to live with?
Absolutely not but it is THEIR order, that's how they roll, the whole clan power structure, those things you mention are obviously related to it. I believe in the "Multipolar World Order" every society has the right to create their own reality.
17/01/21 Вск 14:37:00 7335747
141229055952kad[...].jpg 53Кб, 640x360
150309195710kad[...].jpg 52Кб, 640x360
>>73008 (OP)
Russians (every) hate him and huge amount of chechens too.

Who is he? He fomally is a president of small caucasian respubliс. Actually he is a prince of that feudal "respublic".
He have his own feudal army - so callen "police"

Putin pay him a lot of maney to destroy "muslim terrorists" - basically just other chehen clans who contest with this man. Nowadays chechny is one the most peaceful and loyal to Putin region

Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 15:11:08 7335848
> Russians (every) hate him
You wanted to say "two shitty percents"?
Because Russians I know respect men and women who risk their lives to protect our country.
Those who insult veterans, intelligence officers, heroes, break into their houses like Lyuba did and publish their information with malicious intentions are known as two shitty percents.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 16:36:50 7336949
He is just a gorilla. Like those latino-american gorilla presidents.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 23:43:05 7347750
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 07:53:03 7348451
That's right! Ramzan sila!
>>73008 (OP)
Every Russian loves him if we don't count a bunch of sad people who hate the country as a whole.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 10:18:04 7348752
Russians don't care actually about him, he is something akin to local colonial governor from natives, who keeps them in line both for empire's sake and to save his own life from said natives. Complete with chechen sipai/gurkhas. As a person from colonial nation you should understand.

Bur russians strongly dislike wild chechens doing shit in say it Moscow. Man in question sometimes goes out of his way to publically denounce them in most glaring cases.

Well duh. These chimp-outs, while grating on russian people's nerves, are just a way to cope with cold imperial machine, which made oh so many times mincemeat from their brethen, and will do it again dare they step out of the line. You can bully a bunch of cogs, but it is ill-adviced to stick your hand in mechanism.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 15:32:57 7349453
Anonymous  22/01/21 Птн 12:29:26 7360854
Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 12:57:30 7391355
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